Travelling to Southern Dalmatia

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Travelling to Southern Dalmatia

Southern Dalmatia stretches from Split all along the coast on south to towns of Makarska Riviera, Dubrovnik and Cavtat, including islands Brač, Hvar, Korčula, Vis, Mljet National Park and Pelješac peninsula.

Southern Dalmatia coast, the most stunning part of Adriatic with outstanding gems of nature and history, is worth of visiting by all means and easy to reach by all ways.

Travelling to Southern Dalmatia on motorway Dalmatina

Travelling to Southern Dalmatia on motorway Dalmatina

Getting by car or bus to Southern Dalmatia is more than a comfortable journey since high quality motorway A1 called Dalmatina connects coastal towns all the way to Ploče.

Thanks to three airports in Southern Dalmatia – in Split, Dubrovnik and Bol on island Brač – numerous European airlines service flights and make these remarkable places easily reachable by air during the summer.

Travelling by train to the south from Split is not possible because this is where railway ends.

Where is Split and how to get there

If you have never been travelling to this part of Europe “where is Split?” seems to be pretty understandable question to ask. Famous Split, the largest coastal city in Croatia, is located in the heart of Croatian Adriatic coast, just on your way to Southern Dalmatian Coast and islands.

Simply, no excuse to skip Split if travelling to the Southern Dalmatia since it’s reachable by all ways.

Split is the heart of Dalmatian coast

Split is the heart of Dalmatian coast

Travelling to Split by car

If you travel to Split by car you’ll drive the motorway A1 (Dalmatina) probably. The road adventurers who want to explore places, or just want to avoid paying toll, will drive on Adriatic road – picturesque and curvy road connecting Rijeka and Dubrovnik.

If you travel to Split from south, from Dubrovnik or Makarska Riviera, first you’ll drive on Adriatic road to Ploče when you continue your journey on motorway A1 (direction north) to Split. Or you can just drive Adriatic road all the way from Dubrovnik to Split.

For more info for your safe driving to Split and other towns of Northern Dalmatia please read our Getting around Croatia by car page.

Travelling to Southern Dalmatia on motorway Dalmatina

Travelling to Southern Dalmatia on motorway Dalmatina

Flights to Split from Europe

Numerous European airlines serve flights to Split but mostly from May to October only.

Croatia Airlines, British Airways, Eurowings, Ryanair, Lufthansa, Smartwings, Norwegian, SAS, Estonian Air, Finnair, Norwegian, Easyjet, Volotea, Air Berlin, Condor, Eurolot, Air Serbia, Iberia, Finnair, Flyniki, Edelweiss , Skywork, Vueling.

Daily flights to Split via Zagreb year-round

The national company Croatia Airlines has daily flights from Zagreb to Split year round. When it comes to flights in summer season, the frequency is very high with many lines from Europe flying to Split via Zagreb.

For more info on transfer from Split Airport visit our Flying around Croatia page.

Flying to Split Airport

Flying to Split Airport

Getting to Split by bus

Since many bus companies operates routes from Europe to Split year-round (from Germany, Austria, France, Hungary, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden), travelling to Split by bus is one of the best options, and very comfortable at the same time. The most of these lines are via Zagreb routes, what is pretty reasonable since the motorway A1 to Split starts in Zagreb. If your home town or country is out of these routes, you can get to Zagreb Bus Terminal first and than easily catch one of the buses from Zagreb to Split since they leave almost every hour during the whole year.

Finally, if you want to get to Split by bus from Croatian southernmost towns Dubrovnik or Cavtat, just take a bus at Dubrovnik Bus Terminal or check Autotrans website.

For more info check Split Bus Terminal website and Zagreb Bus Terminal.

Travelling by bus to Split

Travelling by bus to Split

Travelling to Split by train

Travelling to Split by train is possible from almost all European cities, although the majority of routes include train switch in Zagreb. For better planning of travelling from Europe to Split by train, check the Die Bahn website and Croatian Railways website.

If you travel to Split by train from Istria for any reason, and we hope it’s a good one, you will need to put some effort in your journey planning and definitely more travel time comparing to other travel options. For sure you will need to get to Rijeka Train Station first, but try to avoid any Istria-to-Dalmatia-By-Train-Route if possible.

For more info please read Getting around Croatia by train page.

Croatian Railways Schedule

Train from Zagreb to Split

Train from Zagreb to Split

Ferry from Ancona to Split

National ferry company Jadrolinija, operates route from Italy (Ancona) to Split year-round.

In summer season two more ferry companies connect Italian coast to Split – companies SNAV and Blue Line.

Where is Dubrovnik and how to get there

You’ve read a lot about this Croatian Superstar but you are still not sure where is Dubrovnik and how to get there? Dubrovnik is located at southernmost of Croatian Adriatic coast and flying is definitely the most comfortable choice of travelling.

But it doesn’t mean that Dubrovnik is reachable by air only, on the contrary – it’s very well connected to all European countries by motorway but it takes some time to get there.

Also, you can travel to Split first and then board a ferry or catamaran to Dubrovnik (for those who prefer sailing instead of driving).

You may travel do Dubrovnik by ferry from Italy if you come from this part of Europe.

Getting to Dubrovnik by train is not possible since the railway ends in Split.

Dubrovnik is Adriatic Superstar

Dubrovnik is Adriatic Superstar

Flights to Dubrovnik from Europe

The best way of travelling to Dubrovnik is by air. Numerous European airlines serve direct flights to Dubrovnik during the summer season and many of them fly to Dubrovnik Airport from May till mid of October.

Croatia Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, Eurowings, SAS, Easyjet ,, Norwegian, Ryanair, Finnair, Smartwings, Air Berlin, Volotea, Brussels Airlines, Flyniki, Vueling, Air Serbia, Iberia, AirBaltic, Transavia.

Daily Flights to Dubrovnik via Zagreb year-round

Croatia Airlines have daily flights from Zagreb to Dubrovnik with higher frequency in summer season. If there’s no appropriate flight direct to Dubrovnik, you always have the option to fly to Dubrovnik via Zagreb with Croatia Airlines year-round.

Flying to Dubrovnik

Flying to Dubrovnik

Travelling by car to Dubrovnik

If you’ll be travelling by car to Dubrovnik, your journey will be pretty long, but exciting and worth of visiting many beautiful towns and places on your way. To get to Dubrovnik by car you hit motorway A1 all down to south to town Ploče where motorway ends (100 km on the north from Dubrovnik). From Ploče, you’ll continue driving on Adriatic road to Dubrovnik. If you are a big adventurer you can drive to Dubrovnik from Rijeka – all along the coast on the curvy Adriatic road, but don’t do it if you travel with children.

On your way to Dubrovnik, definitely don’t miss to visit Krka Waterfalls National Park near Šibenik and find some time to walk around old towns of Zadar, Trogir or Split. Moreover, depending on where from you are travelling, skip the road for a while and discover stunning gem of nature – Plitvice Lakes National Park.

For your safe driving to Dubrovnik please read useful information and general traffic law on our Getting around Croatia by car page.

Getting to Dubrovnik by bus

Travelling by bus to Dubrovnik is a long journey for all travellers coming from central or Northern European countries but still can be a very interesting adventure if you stop by at some beautiful towns for overnight and sites exploring. Check for bus routes and timetables on Autotrans website or Zagreb Bus Terminal website.

For more info visit our Getting around Croatia by bus page.

Travelling by ferry from Split to Dubrovnik

For ferry route from Split to Dubrovnik you can board one of the ferries and catamaran sailing to Dubrovnik via Southern Dalmatian islands.

Please check ferry operators websites and book your ticket online:


Kapetan Luka

Read more info on boarding a ferry on our Getting around Croatia by ferry page.

Travelling by ferry from Italy to Dubrovnik

Jadrolinija operates route from Bari to Dubrovnik, check timetable and book online HERE.

Ferry to Dubrovnik

Ferry to Dubrovnik