Sailing around Croatian Adriatic Sea

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Sailing, sailing, sailing – what is all this fuss about?

The freedom of choice and making your own holidays the way you like them the best is what cannot be offered within any package deal.

Sailing holiday in Croatia is giving you opportunity to decide where and how to spend your time – if you want peace and quiet, you can visit one of the many empty coves or a small fishing village; if you are in more of a partying mood, you can hit the beach party or dance till sunrise in a nightclub.

Sailing is not static or boring at all. You can approach it as a sport and get the knack of hoisting a sail or tying sailors knots, or you can simply leave the work to the experienced skipper while you relax and admire the waves and the sea. If you are travelling in couples, what you will never lack are sea and romance.

Sailing is absolutely fantastic adventure of the lifetime:

      • Unique sense of freedom while admiring amazing beauty of the Adriatic
      • Feeling the heat of the sun and the wind blowing on your skin
      • Travelling every day to a different place, bay, beach, town
      • Experiencing the thrill when sailing rapidly and feeling the sea-spray
      • Lying on the deck while sailing during the da and swimming at night in luminescent plankton under starlit skies.
      • Hearing the calming sounds of the sea and wind, free from any noise of motors
      • Swimming every day at any moment in crystal clear sea
      • Dreaming sweet dreams … (sailing boat rocks one to sleep like a baby in a cradle!)

Sailing holiday in Croatia is an adventure of lifetime

Sailing holiday in Croatia

The amazingly beautiful Croatian coast is an attractive sailing destination and a true Mediterranean paradise due to the crystal clear sea with over a thousand islands, a great number of bays, caves and beaches along with fantastic coastal cities and towns with architectural heritage that spans several millennia.

The list of places to explore while sailing in Croatia is pretty long but you should definitely consider visiting famous towns Split, Zadar and Dubrovnik  as well as smaller town Šibenik or Trogir.

Or you can hit one of the most popular Mediterranean sailing route – incredible Southern Dalmatain Islands of Hvar, Brač, Korčula or Vis. You can easily explore it all when sailing around hidden bays, beaches or looking for a good nightlife.

Moreover, you can sail around several national and nature parks like Kornati, Brijuni or Mljet!

Rather good nautical infrastructure along the Croatian coast and islands makes it easier to cruise the Croatian Adriatic and many people come back several times because it is not possible to see everything at once. Croatia is definitely one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world!



Yachts on Vis Island

Yachts on Vis Island

Get to know the Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea stretches north-west – south-east, and comprises the area between the Balkan and Apennine peninsula (783 km). The average width of the Adriatic amounts to 170 km.

The part belonging to the Republic of Croatia is that of the east coast, which extends all the way from Prevlaka in the south to the cape Savudrija in the west, including all islands, islets and cliffs along the coast, as well as the archipelago of Palagruža.

The Adriatic is an ideal place for sailing. It is safe, with plenty of wind and sun and over 1700 islands, islets and cliffs to explore. The climate is warm and Mediterranean, with an average 25°C sea temperature in summer. This is also a unique area in Europe for enjoying the underwater world.

Always be in touch with information about weather on the Adriatic

Coastal radio stations broadcast information about weather as well as weather forecast for the following 24 hours on a daily basis in Croatian and English:

Radio Rijeka VHF channel 24 05,35h, 14,35h, 19,35h
Radio Split VHF channels 07, 21, 23, 81 05,45h, 12,45h, 19,45h
Radio Dubrovnik VHF channels 07, 04 06,25h, 13,20h, 21,20h

Constant weather forecasts on VHF – transmitters

Weather forecasts for the area of Croatian coastal waters are broadcast in Croatian, English, Italian and German every 10 minutes, and are being updated at 07,00h, 13,00h and 19,00h (local time). They include a situation overview, short weather forecast for the following 24 hours and air pressure information.

Broadcasting is on the following channels: VHF-channel 73 for the northern Adriatic / western part of Istria VHF-channel 69 for the northern Adriatic / eastern part VHF-channel 67 for the central Adriatic / eastern part VHF-channel 73 for the southern Adriatic / eastern part


Meteorological and Hydrological Service of Croatia (

The harbour in famous town Hvar

The best time to sail in Croatia

The best period for a stay on the Croatian coast is between April and October. Summer temperatures can even reach 38°C, whereas the sea temperature amounts to pleasant 26°C during the summer period. High season (July and August) offers lots of fun, entertainment and excitement to guests eager for such a holiday, whereas the diversity of the Croatian coast also offers many peaceful and quiet places for guests looking for a rest far away from the loud music of the disco clubs. March is accompanied by the spring sun, as well as an occasional shower, whereas the early autumn, i.e. September and October, are ideal for people eager to have some rest. In the off season beaches are no longer crowded, and the weather remains stable and the sea temperature pleasant. In the winter period be sure to bring warm clothes regardless of the mild Mediterranean climate. Although the temperature never reaches 0°C, the wind can be quite unpleasant.

The aerial view to ACI Marina in Split

The aerial view to ACI Marina in Split

How to charter a boat?

The first step towards your sailing holidays is to choose a type of the boat: sailing yacht, motor yacht, catamaran or gulet. After that you have to choose the brand and the model that will be right for you.

Moreover, you’ll need to know about charter yacht age (should you choose on a price alone or not?), and finally what are the difference between the bareboat, skippered and crewed yacht?

Keep on reading- we’ll help you to decide what’s the best choice for your best sailing holiday ever!

Charter costs

During the high-season (from May until September), most of charter companies in Croatia operate on weekly charter system (Saturday – Saturday charter), since these are the busiest months for the charter companies and most weeks are sold out well in advance (the price is unlikely to be flexible, and you would usually be charged for a full week). If you’d like to take a several day long sailing trip, you will probably have to do it in off season (October – April).

The basic cost for yacht charter is the price you pay for the boat you choose and it depends on the boat type, year of built as well as the period of sailing (the same boat has different prices in different periods). If you charter a yacht for more than one week you’ll get a discount, as well if you make early or last minute booking. Moreover, besides the basic price you pay for the boat you need to count on additional costs: marine fuel, refundable insurance deposit and mooring fees, final cleaning of the boat and transit log.

Finally, you should consider some additional costs like crew (skipper, cook or hostess), additional equipment (outboard engine, sailis, safety net) and other costs as one way fee, pets fee, transfer, parking lot, etc.

For more details on yacht charter costs and anything you need to know about sailing a boat in Croatia please visit

How important is the age of a boat?

The age of charter yachts should be one of the factors you should take into consideration when choosing a charter yacht. With yachts you usually get what you pay for but keep in mind that you do not have to pay a lot of money for a well maintained, fully functioning, clean but not the newest yacht.

he yachts manufactured in the last six years are usually considered new for chartering. Whereas the charter yachts that are between six and ten years old should only be chartered only through reliable charter companies. Why? As with anything,older yachts have greater likelihood of breaking down and need to be well maintained. The professional maintenance is the key, e.g. a four year old yacht could be in better shape than a one year old boat. That’s way you should consider to charter a yacht from a company with reputation because you might end up with an old and unsafe yacht.

The age of a boat is important

Chartering yacht from a company with reputation

The decision: chartering a bareboat, a skippered or a crewed charter?

There are three types of charters: bareboat, skippered and crewed. What does this mean? The bareboat yacht charter comes without a crew, with skippered yacht charter you rent both the boat and a skipper while with crewed charter you get a fully crewed yacht.

Skipper license required

You are allowed to choose a bareboat charter if you are a licensed skipper. When chartering a yacht with no crew you will be obliged to have all the necessary certificates, permits and documents that prove you are able to sail by yourself. You and your guests (your crew) will be required toprovide a security deposit before you can charter a boat. All this evidence of your sailing abilities and prior experience is necessary because neither the boat nor your life are cheap.

A skipper to guide you on your journey

On the other hand, if you do not have such documents, you will choose a skippered yacht charter. Your charter company will provide you with a skipper who will steer the boat, decide on the route (in accordance with you), and keep you safe. Skippers are usually chosen not only for their sailing experience but also for their “people skills” and local knowledge about the chosen sailing destination. Your skipper will not only steer the boat but also show you some “trade secrets” if you are interested in sailing and act as a kind of a tourist guide who will show you the best your sailing destination has to offer. Note that you have to take care of the skipper’s meals.

Crewed charter for maximum comfort

If you want the maximum comfort and relaxation, choose the crewed charter. By choosing a crewed charter, you also get the crew who will navigate, sail and prepare the beverages and meals. You are free to decide on the itinerary whereas the crew takes you wherever you want and provides you with three meals a day. Meals they prepare are of the highest quality, prepared to meet your taste and reflect the local cuisine. Note that crewed charter yachts tend to be more luxurious and have additional equipment like waterskis or A/C. The yacht charter crew will take care of your safety and your comfort but you must not treat them like servants.

Sailing around Rovinj archipelago in Istria

Why charter a SAILING YACHT?

Sailing is a perfect activity for adventure seekers. It used to be the only way to travel across the seas but today sailing is so much more – recreation and a way of life. There is a huge number of sailing boats in yacht charter market today. Sailing boats are propelled by the wind as well as with diesel-powered engines in case there is no wind to get around.

Sailing boats are more economical than motor yachts since they have fewer fuel costs but require more experience and skills.

Bareboat, skippered or fully crewed

What sort of charter you should go for – bareboat, skippered or fully crewed- and what type of yacht you should charter depends upon your preferences and skills. If you are an experienced sailor with all the necessary documents and permits, it is expected you opt for a bareboat charter. If you choose a skippered one, you do not need much experience or knowledge since your skipper will take care of you and even teach you a thing or two. Which ever option you choose, you can be sure that you cannot go wrong with sailing boat charter.

Benefits of charter sailing boats

A charter sailing boat takes you to places only reachable by sea, and provides an unforgettable and exhilarating adventure. The freedom of sailing a lovely sailboat is unparalleled when the wind hits the sails and you feel the spray on your face.

A charter sailing boat gives you the feeling of that primeval connection of man and sea. However, modern sailing boat charter also offers you space and luxury due to technology and its equipment. Although sailing boat charter requires you to spend more time on deck enjoying rolling on the sea, when you get below you have quite comfortable cabins, kitchen and bathrooms.

Leisure sailing

If you are more interested in sailing as a leisure activity rather than a sport, charter a sailing boat and enjoy all the benefits of a modern sailing boat charter. Today, nearly every charter sailing boat uses roller-furling technology to make sailing a more leisurely activity. Most commonly, roller-furling would be implemented on the front sails of your sailing boat. This comes really handy if you are somewhat short-handed. There are several different types of mainsails on modern charter sailing boats for you to choose from depending on whether you want to get the best performance out of the mainsail, or if you are more interested in ease of use. There are also some systems that combine the options and utilize lazy-jacks and a canvas nest.


There is no point in chartering a sailing boat unless you can, well, sail it. So, naturally, it is best to charter a sailing boat in seasons when the breezes are frequent, constant and steady depending on your chosen sailing location. However, unless you and your crew are experienced sailors, you may want to avoid seasons with strong cold winds and high seas. Also, avoid windless seasons or you will end up listening to the sailing boat’s diesel engine. And that is not quite the point of sailing boat charter, is it?

Chartering sailing yacht is a great fun

How to select a SAILING YACHT for charter?

When looking for a charter sailboat you will need to look at the following: the number of cabins, the minimum size of the yacht required in some destinations, the luxury to performance ratio, your sailing skills (and your crew sailing skills), the size of your budget, the age of the yacht, and, last but not least, the brand of the yacht.

To select the perfect sailing yacht for charter you will need to look at the following criteria:

      • the number of cabins or berths as well as the number of heads and showers. This, of course, depends on the number of people in your crew.
      • the longer yacht the larger maximum speed – a 50 foot yacht has 30% more speed than a 30 footer. Bigger sailboats have bigger sails.
      • the sailing skills of you and your crew – a larger yacht is much more difficult to maneuver in marinas or anchorages than a smaller one. Sailing skills are also of vital importance during strong winds.
      • the luxury to performance ratio – this is when you have to decide whether you prefer a sailing yacht with good sailing characteristics or a heavier luxury yacht. This depends whether you are more into sailing as a sport or you a leisure activity.
      • your budget – for example a 50 foot yacht charter is just 1.4 times longer than a 35 foot yacht charter but can often be 2 times more expensive to charter. In this case, you must find the perfect combination of the size of the sailing yacht (which depends upon the number of people in your crew) and your budget.
      • the yacht’s age is also very important when choosing a sailing yacht for your charter holiday. You should be very careful when it comes to the yacht’s age since the older the yacht is the greater becomes the possibility of it breaking down. However, when speaking of age of a yacht, we should point out that you watch out if the yacht has been well maintained and that you charter through a reliable company.
      • and last but not least the brand of the yacht can also be a determining factor. Try to opt for a more popular brands like Beneteau, Bavaria or Hanse. The popular yacht manufacturers did not become popular for no reason – sailors choose them because of their high quality materials, newest equipment and excellent user reviews.

Comfortable cabin in a sailing yacht

Overview of charter MOTOR YACHTS

The motor yacht charter types range from luxury crewed motor yachts to bareboats. The most recommended are larger models with at least one crew member. Motor yachts are very powerful and often difficult to control and navigate so they demand an experienced skipper who knows how to handle the yacht and also has an knowledge of the sailing area.

If you choose a crewed motor yacht charter, there is usually a separate crew cabin. However, if there is no crew cabin, when choosing a motor yacht charter, you need to reserve berths for skipper as well.

16 meters or longer

Motor yacht charters over 16 meters in length require at least a skipper and a hostess to help with other services on board. However, these motor yacht charter types need to be fully crewed. There are quarters for the crew. These yachts are equipped with the latest technology as well as the water sports equipment.

14 and 16 meters in length

Motor yachts between 14 and 16 m are excellent choice for extended vacation. These charter motor yachts are recommended because they are comfortable and usually have two or three cabins, four at the most. Some of these motor yachts require a skipper, though most of them are available for bareboat charter.

12 and 14 meters in length

Motor yacht charter types between 12 and 14 m provide accommodation in two or three cabins. All these yachts are available for bareboat charter and are a great choice for extended cruise for up to six passengers. Power boats option between 10 and 12 m as motor yacht charter option are perfect for short daily cruises and not convenient for extended vacation. These boats have two or three cabins for up to six passengers which makes them convenient for overnight stays.

Under 10 meters

Speed boats under 10 m are available for bareboat charter. These boats are excellent for various water sport activities. They have one or two cabins, for up to four passengers.

Powerful motor yacht


You have chartered sailing yacht before, however now you want to try something else, like a motor yacht. So you probably want to know what are the advantages of motor yachts over sailing yachts. They are more powerful, usually equipped with water sports and entertainment amenities as well as the latest navigation and communication systems.

Motor yachts have more space for entertaining, larger cabins and head facilities as well as useable deck space.

A motor yacht normally has a stylishly decorated interior, great electronic entertainment and amenities.

Motor yachts also feature sophisticated technological navigational and communications systems.

Motor yacht charters are great for those with little sailing experience. It is easier to operate a motor yacht than a sailing yacht. Motor yachts usually have stabilizers to help steady the yacht

Thanks to their greater speed, motor yachts can arrive at their next destination quicker than sailing yachts.

Chartering a motor yacht

Types and sizes of charter MOTOR YACHTS

There are three types of charter motor yachts available for charter nowadays: hardtop yachts, fly bridge and open hyve type.

Hardtop yachts

A hardtop yacht provides a great protection in rough weather and minimizes exposure to sun. Side screens can be fitted as well. A fixed hardtop consists of side windows and tempered glass ceilings with electrical sliding roof. Sliding roof can be extended to shade the cockpit or retracted to allow more light. Usually the central part of a hardtop can be retracted.

Fly bridge

A fly bridge is a platform located above the main bridge and is usually equipped with all navigation controls. It provides great visibility and panoramic views. It can be divided into more levels, each with a different function. The highest level is an open air pilothouse and a leisure area.

Open yachts

The open type have become very popular recently. Their design includes a new kind of hull in order to reduce resistance when moving through the water. The whole cockpit is open with awnings as a protection. However, this makes open yachts difficult to maintain, because the cockpit is mainly exposed to all weather conditions.

Yacht size

There are different models and sizes of motor yachts. The smallest are 27 feet in length (8.23 meters) and the largest reach up to incredible 550 feet (167 meters). Though, average motor yachts are approx. 44 feet long (around 13.41 meters) – most charter yachts belong to this category. But it is always up to you what size of the yacht to choose finally.

Luxury interior in a motor yacht

Luxury interior in a motor yacht

What is a sailing CATAMARAN?

A catamaran is a type of boat consisting of two hulls joined by a frame. They can be sail- or engine-powered. Catamarans have two engines, one in each hull. Catamarans are a very popular charter option due to their great stability, amount of space they provide and significant safety. Catamarans were “invented” by an aristocratic fishing community in the southern coast of Tamil Nadu, India. However, in terms of leisure and sport sailing, catamarans are a fairly recent fashion.

The benefits of a CATAMARAN compared to a monohull

If you are in doubt whether to rent a catamaran or a monohull, discover the benefits of catamarans. The most important advantages of a catamaran over a monohull are stability, space which means more privacy, and finally catamarans have significantly shallower draft meaning you can get into more areas than sailing boats.

Stable sailing

Catamarans have also become a favorite charter option due to their great stability. Sailing is done at a level since catamarans rarely heel. When they do, they do it at 5 degrees at the most, while monohull sailboats usually do it at 25 degrees. When sailing a catamaran, you can walk, sit, eat, drink… Whatever you want. However, the most important advantage of level sailing is that there is less possibility of getting sea sick.

Sailing performance

The modern catamarans sail windward as much as 25% faster than a similar length cruising monohull, while off the wind it can go 75% to 100% faster than a monohull cruiser.

Shallow draft

The catamarans have a shallow draft, you can go and sail in areas where monohulls cannot get into. Shallow draft also enables more anchoring possibilities – you can enter shallow anchorages, away from the crowds.

Roominess and privacy

The catamarans have large wide deck areas, cockpit is twice the size of a monohull, and a larger salon that’s on the same level as the cockpit, thus providing 360-degree visibility. More space enables more privacy – catamarans have separate hulls with separate cabins. The cabins are usually located in the corners of the boat as are the heads, and are separate from the lounging areas and the galley. This basically means that everyone can find their corner on the boat and rest assured no one will bother them.


Probably the most important benefit of a catamaran is its unsinkability – catamarans are safer than monohulls. Modern charter catamarans need no ballast and are built of cored-sandwich construction, most are actually unsinkable. If for example, the holing the hull happens, a catamaran’s sailing performance is not affected as the boat is sufficiently buoyant under even these conditions. catamaran still floats. A catamaran’s buoyancy also means that you cannot overcrowd it – so if you have been wanting to take alongside your own family, your friend’s family, feel free to do so

Choose the catamaran charter and enjoy sailing with privacy, stability, speed, and safety.

Chartering a catamaran

Chartering a catamaran

How to choose a charter CATAMARAN?

When choosing suitable charter catamaran, you should consider your comfort level at sea and the number of other adults and children that you will have on board. The typical benefits of charter catamarans are more space in all areas of the boat and will not roll at anchor.

Spaciousness and privacy

There is also more space in catamarans as well as more privacy, as the walls do not allow for conversations to be heard. A typical modern catamaran normally has 4 staterooms, with en-suite bathroom, and a salon/cockpit combination capable to sit and entertain 15-20 people.The cockpit and the salon are on the same level, which adds to the feeling of spaciousness. There is ample headroom everywhere. The foredeck features a big net between the hulls, which makes a great sun bathing area. Because of this spaciousness, a catamaran rarely feels crowded as it is relatively easy to get some privacy from other members of the party.

Other important factors

To choose a charter catamaran, consider the number of people you will have on board. A wise thing to do would be select a boat with one more room than you will need. Also think about any extra amenities you would like for the boat, such as a CD player or a cell phone. Another thing you have to keep in mind when choosing charter catamaran is the sailing performance. Catamarans do not rock about in the water, while tacking and anchoring are done differently than with a monohull.

Last but not least – budget

Your budget is also another thing to consider when choosing a suitable charter catamaran. Consider which extra amenities and activities you need since they add to your overall costs. Do not forget the provisioning either. Food is also a cost of your sailing holiday. Do not be afraid to stock up, catamarans have more storage space.

If you charter a crewed catamaran, do not forget that it is also an extra cost. Skippers command a daily wage and you are obliged to take care of their meals. You need to be aware of cancelation policies and insurance when chartering so be sure to also read the fine print of your rental agreement.


Spacious deck on catamaran


What is a charter GULET?

Gulet is a traditional wooden motor-sailing vessel meant for comfortable cruising. Although gulets do sail when the winds allow, they are most of the time propelled by engine power. They are configured as motor-sailers, with diesel engines to provide primary power, while sails provide additional power. Gulets have a raised bow, a broad, flat stern, a main foremast and secondary mast aft. Their broad beam provides plenty of deck space and spacious cabins below decks.

Gulets come in many sizes, ranging from small 15-meter long craft to luxurious 33-meter air-conditioned vessels with every possible convenience and luxury.

Charter gulets offer hotel accommodation in comfortable air-conditioned cabins with bathrooms and enough storage for all your luggage. Charter gulets also have plenty of communal space – large salon with a bar, lots of deck space for sun bathing and other activities as well as outside dining and lounge area at the stern.

Chartering a gulet

Why charter a GULET?

Gulet is a comfortable wooden yacht, which uses engine power and sails for navigation. Modern gulets have changed from their original purpose, improving the safety and comfort in all aspects. Gulets have all modern navigation systems for safe and comfortable cruising.

Chartering a gulet, you get a a different kind of sailing holiday. It is a very comfortable and carefree cruising on a boat that offers quality accommodation as well as best service possible and privacy. Another benefit of chartering a gulet is to make your own itinerary according to your wishes.

Charter gulets vary in size, boat quality, service and equipment. The higher the price, the more you get for your money. Charter gulets usually have three to eight cabins providing accommodation for up to sixteen guests. Typical gulet charter agreement includes the gulet, crew, insurance, fuel for 4-5 hours’ sailing per day without port taxes and fees. Half board is in many cases included in the price.

Gulet design

Gulets are made with high ceilings, wide corridors, comfortable cabins with en suite toilets, spacious indoor salon with galley and bar, and plenty of space in outdoor cushioned lounging areas. The outside areas are shaded, and the cabins are mostly double beded. Most gulets have air conditioned cabins.

Main benefits

Charter gulets are prefect for people who want a hassle-free, relaxed and comfortable sailing holiday. Benefits of holidays on a gulet are many. Charter gulets offer more comfort than any other sailing boat, more space and more privacy. These vessels though having sails, are more often propelled by their strong engines so the chances for sea-sickness are slim when on board a gulet.

Gulet crew

Charter gulets come fully crewed. That, with air-conditioning cabins with bathrooms, gives you a feel as if you are in a sailing hotel. The gulet’s crew takes care of your safety and comfort while chef provides you with the best local specialties prepared with the freshest ingredients.

Sailing pace

Another benefit of a charter gulet is the possibility of making your own itinerary. Whether you want to visit as many coastal towns as possible or spend most of your time at open sea is completely up to you.

Spacious deck on a gulet

Spacious deck on a gulet

Group adventure

Charter gulets are perfect for groups of up to sixteen people. That means you can bring your family or friends. Chartering a gulet for team building activities has become very popular in recent times.

Single cabin charter

The last charter gulet benefit is the possibility of chartering a single cabin. That means you can enjoy the sailing experience despite not having a large company and big budget.

Types and history of Gulets

The history of gulets is somewhat veiled in secrecy. It remains uncertain how gulets got their name – whether it comes from the Italian “guletta” or the French word “goullette”. This schooner type of vessel used to be used as a sweeping net, trawl net or sponging vessel in Turkey in the Aegean and Mediterranean.

Origin of the name

Other resources also claim that it resembles the American Gullet used in ling fishing in the Greenland banks whereas some claim it resembles the clippers carrying goods from India to England in the periods of colonization.

A gulet in front of town Šibenik

A gulet in front of town Šibenik

Types of charter GULET

There are two charter gulet types – private gulet charter and cabin charter. Private gulet charter offers you ultimate comfort and privacy as well as great flexibility in terms ofmenu, itinerary, and provisioning. Charter gulet’s crew is completely dedicated to you and your party.

Cabin gulet charter is a cheaper and more convenient alternative to chartering the entire boat since you do not have to have company to charter a cabin. This is a pleasurable way of vacationing that gives you the opportunity to meet different people. However, you do not have complete freedom since the itineraries and ports of embarkation and disembarkation are fixed and cannot be altered.

The cabin in a gulet

The cabin in a gulet

Food and drinks on a GULET

Charter gulets normally come fully crewed. That means that you get a cook who prepares you three meals a day out of the freshest local ingredients. If you choose private gulet charter, you are free to decide on the menu depending on your budget and preferences.

The food served on the gulet is always fresh and reflects the best that local markets have to offer. Meals that cook prepares are usually local specialties. Since charter gulets are most popular in the Mediterranean, menus include the finest fish, aromatic olive oil, fine cheeses, pilafs, the most tender lamb meat, vegetable casseroles, colorful salads, fresh local fruit…

As for the drinking on gulet it is good to know wines served with the food are also of local origin. Since many charter gulets have bar sales, you are not allowed to bring your own drinks on board. You can also make a list of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and give it to your charter company during the booking procedure so that they can purchase the drinks for you and later give you the invoice.

So, when it comes to gulet food and drinks, the good things is they are basically taken care of. Yours is just to relax and enjoy.

Food and drink at gulet

The bar on a gulet

How to choose a sailing route?

Choosing a sailing route should not represent a problem.

You should try to see as much as possible of your chosen destination (especially if you are visiting it for the first time) as well as enjoy sailing as much as possible.

Get acquainted with the destination before leaving – read guide books, google it or ask the people from your charter agency about it. However, you should really follow just one rule – your own preferences.

Getting advice on routes

It is not necessary to have a set sailing route once you get to your charter base to take over the boat. You can always discuss the route with your skipper, if you are getting one. If you are not getting a skipper, let the charter base staff advise you on the interesting routes. However, if you cannot decide on the route yourself, or simply do not feel like it, charter agencies have already made sailing routes. These suggested sailing routes are made for periods of 7 or 14 days and are represented in a graphic form. You do not have to stick to these routes, you can change them according to your wishes and weather conditions.

Duration of routes and daily sailing

When choosing the sailing route keep in mind that the duration of a route is one week minimum. However, it is possible to charter a boat for less or more than a week in the off season (second half of autumn, winter, first half of spring).

It is recommended to do 3 to 6 hours of sailing per day, or some 15 to 25 NM. You should also keep in mind the fuel consumptions which depends upon the weather conditions and boat size and type. A sailboat consumes5 to 12 litres fuel per hour, and catamaran from 7 to 12 litres per hour.


Yachts on Vis island

What to take on sailing holidays

What to take on sailing holidays depends solely on you and the type of sailing holidays you have in mind. The things you should take on your sailing holiday should include thenecessities since you do not want to complicate your time off, do you?

You should do your grocery shopping before you set off and keep in mind the number of people on board and the time spent on holiday. You will not always be able to eat in a restaurant. Charter boats are equipped with fully functioning kitchen appliances so you are not limited only to sandwiches. Do not forget about your crew either. You should provide meals for your skipper and any other crew members. When it comes to drink, be sure to have enough water on board. Some other kinds of beverage depend purely on your taste.


When it comes to clothing you would want to pack you should keep it simple. Since most people go sailing during summer to some hot destination, shorts, bathing suits, light T-shirts and dresses fall into that category. Do not forget sunglasses and sunscreen. However, no matter how warm and sunny your chosen sailing destination might be, remember that things may get rough out in the open sea. For such cases, take a quality waterproof windbreaker. It would be a good idea to invest into a sailing suit but if you do not want to pursue sailing more seriously, a good windbreaker will be just enough. Also, bring shoes that are non-slip and would stick well to the plastic surfaces of the boat, especially once they gets wet. It is preferable to pack in soft bags since these are easier to stow away in lockers onboard than hard suitcases.

Medications and documents

Some other things you must take with you include towels (if not provided by your charter company). You do not have to take your own bed linen since all the boats come with it. Also, do not forget your prescription drugs, seasickness medications and insect repellents. You will of course need your passport or ID card. You should not forget your sailing certificates if you are going to be the skipper. If you intend to hire a car or motorbike, bring your driving license. It is recommended that you bring a combination of cash and your credit cards.

What to take aboard when sailing with kids

When talking about tips for sailing with children, a question of what to take when sailing with kids always pops up. With children aboard charter yacht you should make sure you are “fully equipped.” Children aboard charter yacht cannot be expected to look at the scenery and stand out of the way the entire trip.
They get easily bored, they get hungry more frequently than adults, and you need to make sure they are safe at all times during sailing. All these needs have to be satisfied.

Toys and games

When sailing with kids you have to be prepared for the moments when your child will get bored or restless. And if they participate in the sailing itself, they will surely need a break from the action. For moments like these always have toys, board games and coloring books or video games at hand. You may also bring a few of their favorite DVDs (provided you have a DVD player). A smart idea would be to take some local wildlife guide with which you can play guessing games or something similar.


Sailing can be a tiring activity for children and can make them really hungry. In that case, stock up on your child’s favorite snacks. Stock the galley with easy and quick treats that can “fool” the child between meals. Of course, find balance between the good and the bad snacks.


Also, be sure to take enough of their clothes. Children cannot be expected to take extra care of their clothes just because they are aboard charter yacht. Small accidents happen, and you may not always have the opportunity to do the washing.

Band-aids and medicines

When it comes to children’s health, it is needless to say that it is of the uppermost importance. Bring plenty of band-aids for small cuts and scratches, do not forget medicines – in case of seasickness, fever, sore throat… Take extra special care if the child is on some prescribed medication. Also, do not forget sunscreens, especially waterproof ones.

Follow our tips for sailing with children and you family will have a sailing holiday to remember.

What to take aboard when sailing with a pet

You decided to go sailing with your pet but do not fool yourself that it would be like a walk in the park. Remember that your furry friend needs to feel safe and happy aboard the charter yacht. You will obviously need to take some stuff to make your pet feel content aboard. So what to take when sailing with your pet?

To make your pet feel at home on the yacht, take its toys and blankets. Your pet may get scared once aboard the yacht so will need all the help possible to make your dog or cat feel safe, and toys and blankets it uses at home are just the thing to help. Take your pet’s bed or basket if it is very attached to it.

Make sure to take some medicines, especially those for nausea and irritated stomach. Also take some vitamins as well as a hypoallergenic sunblock. Your pet, although covered in hair, can also get severely sunburnt. You can use your normal, “human” sunblock just make sure it has no additives and that it is hypoallergenic. Do not forget flea and tick preventatives. Your pet can get into contact with other animals that have fleas, and there is a danger of getting ticks during a walk on the shore.

A life vest for your animal is also a must.

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