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Safety in Croatia

When it comes to safety in Croatia you can walk without particular attention almost everywhere but when it gets dark better don’t experiment in big city suburbs – city centers are safe but you shouldn’t explore the whole area by night.

Of course, as everywhere else, you should take care of your belongings, especially on the beach where some of your stuff (handy, wallet) could disappear while you take a swim.
If you use public transport –it’s also safe all around the country.
The mines from war in 90’s are no longer any threat to citizens or visitors (and they never were on the coast, only in some parts of inland).

Generally, you can be very relaxed on your holidays in Croatia.

Read some official statements on safety in Croatia on websites:


Croatia is very safe European county

Croatia is very safe European county

Medical help in Croatia

If you are an EU-citizen then your European Medical Insurance Card (EHIC) covers your BASIC and EMERGENCY medical needs.

This FREE card gives you access to medical help in Croatia and any other of the 28 EU countries, state-provided healthcare during your temporary stay, under the same conditions and at the same cost (free in some countries) as people insured in that country. Cards are issued by your national health insurance provider.

Find more info on European Medical Insurance Card and what kind of medical help you’ll get in Croatia if necessary.

All Non-EU citizens please check with your embassies what level of medical care is covered in Croatia for your country.

IMPORTANT – EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance and it doesn’t cover any private healthcare costs or other costs such as a return flight to your home.

Medical help in Croatia

Medical help in Croatia

Travel insurance for Croatia

For all other costs coverage like trip cancellation, lost baggage, assistance service, additional medical protection and other benefits, you’ll need to purchase travel insurance for Croatia.

Since many companies offer numerous options and packages of travel insurances, the best way is to check and compare on Travel Insurance Review and find the best deal for your safe travelling.


Travel insurance on your holiday

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