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Get to know Makarska Riviera – the beach paradise

The Makarska Riviera is about 60 kilometers long and only several kilometers wide, squeezed under impressive mountain Biokovo. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations on Croatian coast with the main town Makarska and very popular touristic towns Brela, Baška Voda and Tučepi.

Makarska Riviera: Biokovo mountain and the beach

Makarska Riviera: Biokovo mountain and the beach

The best beaches in Croatia

When it comes to beaches, Makarska Riviera is absolute winner of the entire Croatian Coast and no other coastal place can beat it. Numerous stunning sandy and fine gravel beaches with turquoise clear sea are everywhere – even in the heart of towns’ centers!

If you’ve been travelling around Croatia before and decided to explore this part of Adriatic coast, you’ll definitely agree with the fact – there’s no even close competition to incredible beauty of Makarska Riviera’s beaches.

Get to know Makarska Riviera - the best beaches destination in Croatia

Get to know Makarska Riviera – the best beaches destination in Croatia

The Riviera’s towns

Charming towns with stunning beaches surrounded by rich Mediterranean vegetation will completely fulfill all your needs and expectations. All towns are perfect for an easy holiday without big crowds and rush, except town Makarska, the biggest destination on Riviera, where you’ll be surprised by number of people on the beaches, restaurants and cafes. Whatever desicion you made – Makarska, Brela, Tučepi or Baška Voda – you won’t make mistake, the entire Makarska Riviera is a top choice for holiday in Croatia.

 Town Brela

Town Brela

Your base for exploring Southern Dalmatia

If considering Makarska Riviera as you holiday base for discovering amazing Dalmatian towns and places you are about to start a great leisure planning.

Not just that you are close enough to visit one of the most popular Croatian destinations Split and Dubrovnik (both easily reached by car or bus), but you can also get to Brač Island from town Makarska by short ferry drive, or you can reach famous Hvar Island from town Drvenik, located 30 km on south from town Makarska.

Nature Park Biokovo Mountain

The coastal beauty of Makarska Riviera is squeezed below dramatic Biokovo Mountain Nature Park watching over you all the time you are on holiday. Bikovo is the second largest mountain in Dalmatia with the highest peak at 1262 meters and outstanding view to Adriatic Sea (you can see Italian coast during very clear weather).

The Park offers you exciting hiking trails, lookout points, presentation centers, Botanical Garden Kotišin, biking, rock climbing and paragliding.

When you get hungry, any you definitely will after all, look for a tavern at the mountain (Roko, Panorama, Opačak, Veza) and enjoy local specialties.

Bikovo mountain discovering could be your great experience but you should be very careful and don’t forget – the mountain is more dangerous than it looks, with peaks appearing much closer than they actually are, and you should be well prepared for this adventure.

Keep on reading for important tips if you consider of climbing the peaks.

Download for FREE The official mobile guide of Nature Park Biokovo.

The view from Biokovo Nature Park

The view from Biokovo Nature Park

Important notes for visitors of Bikovo Nature Park

Don’t climb alone on the mountain. The best way to visit Biokovo is to join an organized group – check in your town of stay at local tourist agencies.

Wear suitable clothing and footwear, no hiking in flip-flops! The ground is hard, stony, filled with rocks, moving screes and bulk materials, and there is a real danger of snakes – one more good reason to wear high and tight shoes.

Don’t leave without water and sunscreen. Biokovo has no drinkable water and the sun is high and strong.

Avoid using of fire. If needed, use it only at designated and marked places.

Camping is not allowed in the Park. You can camp in Park only in special occasion with permission from the Park Authority.

The snakes. In case of a bite of snake you should seek for the professional medical care immediately.

More info on hiking, rock climbing and cycling please find on Biokovo official website.

The flower Eryngium alpinum from Biokovo Nature Park

The flower Eryngium alpinum from Biokovo Nature Park

Day trips from Makarska Riviera

Makarska Riviera is perfectly located for some day trips you can enjoy when discovering some amazing places. We recommend you to join one of exciting excursions for your great holiday experience.


Accommodation on Makarska Riviera


Town Makarska is the heart of Makarska Riviera, the biggest and crowded touristic destination with great accommodation offer in hotels and private accommodation.

We believe will be a great help to find you the best accommodation deals and to get the most out of your booking!

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Town Makarska is one of the most popular places on Croatian coast offering combination of fantastic nature, beaches, events and nightlife.

Panorama of town Makarska

Panorama of town Makarska


Town Tučepi is amazing place to stay, less crowded than town Makarska, with excellent hotels located just on the beaches and high quality private accommodation. It’s a perfect place for a relaxing holiday and great family destination.

The beach in town Tučepi

The beach in town Tučepi


If you are looking for an easier holiday with less crowd, don’t look further – small picturesque town Brela is perfect destination with few, but excellent hotels and high quality private accommodation, and incredible beaches in town center. Brela is the first choice when it comes to family holiday since this town is without traffic crowd and offers everything you may need – from restaurants, cafes, bars, watersports, shopping and open market.

Town Brela

Town Brela

Besides the famous towns Makarska, Tučepi, Brela and Baška Voda there are few more but less popular destinations on Makarska Riviera you can also consider for your holiday escape – Zaostrog, Podgora and Gradac.

Where is Makarska Riviera and how to get there

The Makarska Riviera is located along Southern Dalmatian coast on south from Split – precisely it’s stretched from the town Brela (located on south from town Omiš) down on south to Neretva River Delta (located on south from famous Dubrovnik).

You can easily reach it by car or bus driving on motorway A1, but if you are more comfortable with flying choose between two airports – Split Airport on north (cca 115 km distance) or Dubrovnik Airport on south (cca 160 km distance). If you decide to fly, Split Airport is better option – it’s is closer and the motorway will get you directly to Makarska Riviera.

Travelling to Makarska Riviera on motorway Dalmatina

Travelling to Makarska Riviera on motorway Dalmatina

If you want to visit Makarska Riviera from Southern Dalmatian Islands for some reason, there are ferry routes from Brač Island (town Sumartin) and from Hvar Island (town Sućuraj).



For more info on how to get to Makarska Riviera please read our Travelling to Southern Dalmatia page.

If you drive a car, please read our Getting around Croatia by car page for your safe driving.

Map of Makarska Riviera

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