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About Krka Waterfalls National Park

If you are a waterfalls fan, Croatia is a top choice to visit – not just for an art of nature Plitvice Lake, but also for Krka Waterfalls National Park located in Northern Dalmatia. Krka National Park is a spectacular natural attraction of Krka River and its seven magnificent waterfalls, located about 10 km from coastal Mediterranean town of Šibenik.

Grand waterfalls of Krka River. Krka River is 72.5 km long with seven waterfalls and total drop attitude of 242 meters. The most famous waterfall of all is Skradinski Buk – the magnificent collection of 17 waterfalls that range in height by over 45 meters is one of Croatia’s most visited sites.  Roški slap is another waterfall attraction consisting of 12 waterfalls in a space of 450 meters.

Krka Waterfalls: Skradinski Buk

Krka Waterfalls: Skradinski Buk

Krka River

Krka River

It’s not just a natural monument. Krka Waterfalls National park is an amazing natural and karst phenomenon you can explore by boat or by vehicle or hiking. If you are looking for the best possible experience, definitely take a boat tour. Besides wonderful natural heritage the whole area of Krka National Park is rich with cultural and historical monuments including archaeological sites, sacral heritage and industrial architecture.

The old stone church in Krka National Park

The old stone church in Krka National Park

Swimming under the waterfalls. Unlike to Plitvice Lakes National Park at Krka Waterfalls National park you can swim and get refreshment in a hot summer day but at your own risk at specifically marked location at Skradinski Buk and Roški slap.

Swimming at Krka Waterfalls

Swimming at Krka Waterfalls

Krka National Park is open for visitors all year round but operates different hours depending on the season.

For more info on Krka National Park visit official website.

Things to see and do in Krka Waterfalls

Skradinski Buk– the biggest waterfall is a collection of 17 waterfalls that range in height by over 45 meters. Enjoy watching the highlight of Krka rolling down into emerald green and fish-filled river. At Skradinski Buk you can swim but at your own risk at specifically marked location.

Roški Slap – a collection of 12 waterfalls in a space of 450 meters is another breathtaking attraction in the Krka National Park. At Roški Slap you can swim but at your own risk and at specifically marked locations only.

Visovac –is the island in the Krka River, with the monastery and the church, settled by Franciscan monks in 15th century. Visits to Visovac are possible by boat drive from Skradinski Buk, Stinica and Remetić.

Krka Waterfalls: Visaovac Island with Monastery

Krka Waterfalls: Visaovac Island with monastery

Burnum – the remains of Roman amphitheater and archaeological collection, hidden in the rocks overgrowth with Mediterannean bushes.

Krka Monastery (Holy Archangel) – the spiritual center of the Orthodox faith stands in a bay of Krka River (35 km east of Kistanje village).

Bilušića Buk – the first in the collection of seven Krka’s waterfalls located just 9 km downstream of town Knin.

Educational Hiking Trail: Stinice- Roški Slap-Oziđana Pećina (8.5 km) – hiking trail with educational boards about the plants, animals, geological phenomenon and cultural-historical localities along the trail.

How to get to Krka Waterfalls National Park

There are five entrances to the park and the most popular are Skradin and Lozovac, both are main accesses from the coast where most visitors are coming from. The other entrances are at Laškovica (Roški Slap), Krka Kistanje (Krka Monastery) and Puljani (Burnum).

Wherever you are getting from the best way is to follow the signs leading to town of Šibenik first because Krka Waterfalls are located just 20 km on north from Šibenik.

If your stay is not somewhere in the neighborhood or you are coming to visit Krka Waterfalls from Continental Croatia please read our Travelling to Northern Dalmatia page.

Getting to Krka Waterfalls with an organized tour

If you would prefer to visit Krka Waterfalls with an organized group, join one of the numerous small or private tours that are available from coastal towns Zadar, Šibenik or Split, and from many other smaller towns and places. All you need to do is to check and book your place at travel agency or Tourist Board in town of your stay. Another, even easier way, is to book your tour online. Here’re some organized tours from Croatian cities we found on Viator – the global tour operator:

from Split

from Makarska Riviera

from Dubrovnik

from Zadar

Accommodation near to Krka National Park

If you are not based in coastal towns of Šibenik, Zadar or Split, you can stay in the charming town of Skradin which is the nearest town to Krka National Park. In Skradin you may choose between Hotel Skradinski Buk or private accommodation.

Skradin is absolutely lovely and romantic place with one of the most beautiful marinas in Croatia, often visited by world’s celebrities enjoying their privacy in this picturesque bay near to Krka River.

Town Skradin

Town Skradin

If you consider more accommodation options you should definitely stay in Šibenik and explore this exciting old Mediterranean town rich in historical sites, bars and restaurants, events and festivals.

Town Šibenik: The St. James Cathedral

Town Šibenik: The St. James Cathedral

Map of Krka Waterfalls

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