Korčula Island Travel Guide

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Get to know stunning Korčula Island

The reason why the northern counterparts islands Brač and Hvar are more popular than Korčula Island is very simple– Korčula is more far away from mainland ports, with less frequent ferry timetable in off-season. But don’t get the wrong picture at the very beginning – Korčula is very live and crowded place during the summer, and not too long distance from mainland!

Get to know Korčula Island

Get to know Korčula Island

Loved by sailing adventurers. Korčula is an island of fantastic history and nature, still pretty undiscovered for many travellers to Croatia but also well-known to many visitors who discovered this Southern Dalmatia island many years ago for their holidays – on the island or sailing around.

Thanks to its fantastic position in Adriatic Archipelago, it’s located along the coast between Dubrovnik and Split, and fascinating bays and coves, Korčula is the favorite yachting destination to numerous sailing adventurers.

Get to know Korčula Island: the sailing destination

Get to know Korčula Island: the sailing destination

Stunning nature of green island. Korčula is renowned by incredible coastline, particularly on island’s south, where you can discover numerous idyllic small beaches and over 200 coves. Moreover, Korčula is one of the greenest islands on the Adriatic, plentiful with forests, vineyards and olive groves.

The main towns on the island are Korčula (often called Little Dubrovnik), Vela Luka and Lumbarda.

Did you know Korčula Island is on must see list for 2016 recommended by New York Times?

Read about Korčula Island history.

Get to know Korčula Island

Get to know Korčula Island

Things to do on Korčula Island

Korčula offers you a variety of things to do. Besides amazing beaches and bays, consider to explore some fantastic places and do things you’ve never done before.

Discover Korčula Island in your way

The best way of exploring the island in your own arrangement is to rent a scooter, boat or bike but you can also travel around by your car or rent one. You will feel absolute freedom by hitting the roads taking you to hidden places.

Exploring Korčula Island by bike

Exploring Korčula Island by bike

Island sightseeing with wine tasting

Enjoy the freedom of exploring this beautiful island in a small-group with your personal driver and guide. Enjoy the scenery of ancient settlements, and visit Blato, Lumbarda, Vela Luka and Smokvica villages, adorned with green vineyards and olive groves. You’ll have opportunity to swim in one of the hidden island gems, Pupnatska Luka bay, and visit two famous wineries and holiday farms as well.

Finally, you’ll enjoy in a delicious traditional lunch at a local restaurant.

Read more on this amazing Korčula Island exploring tour and book online.

Korčula Island sightseeing with wine tasting

Korčula Island sightseeing with wine tasting

Sea kayaking and snorkeling

This adventurous tour is a combination of two tours in one! At first you will do some sightseeing of Korčula islets while riding our speedboat and then you will enjoy a one of-a-kind canoe and kayak sea experience, hosted by a professional guide, who will take you to the hidden beaches of the Korčula islets and he will also show you those enchanting spots, that can only be reached on a sea kayak.

Find out more information and online booking on Kayaking and Snorkeling adventure.

Sea kayaking around Korčula Island

Sea kayaking around Korčula Island

Experience a double adventure on Korčula

The Buggy off-road Tour and snorkeling! For your full escape you can explore the island by buggy driving on gravel roads above Lumbarda village, stopping at the famous farm to learn about wine production, and enjoy the sun and the sea on the sandy beach.

If this sounds excting, read more about this fantastic double adventure and book online.

Yoga lesson by the sea or walk and yoga detox day?

If you are interested in the fantastic experiences driven by holiday positive energy, read more about healthy day on the Korčula Island and remain energized when come home again.

Explore Korčula in sport way

Biking, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, walking, fishing- just choose what you need for a perfect day of exploring the island in a sport way.

Read more about this sporty excursions in organized or individual group.

Fishing adventure around Korčula Island

Town Korčula

The Town Korčula (often called Little Dubrovnik) is the main town located on the north-eastern coast of island. Medieval stunning old town situated on a small peninsula in fact is a mini-fortress enclosed with stone walls hiding treasures like towers, numerous buildings and monuments, stone streets rich in Renaissance and Gothic architecture, cafes, restaurants, hotels, galleries.

Sightseeing Town Korčula

Town Korčula is often called Little Dubrovnik

As the legend says, famous Venetian merchant Marco Polo (1254-1324) was born in town of Korčula and there you can visit sites The Museum of Marco Polo and Marco Polo’s supposed house of birth.

The Old Town of Korčula is grooved with a series of narrow streets that branch like the fish bone. The fish bone shape was used in architecture to protect citizens from wind and sun providing them sheltered and comfortable accommodation.

Read about Town Korčula history.

Sightseeing town Korčula

The whole old town is well-preserved breathtaking historical site you will absolutely love to discover and here are some main location to visit: St. Mark’s Square (Pjaca), St. Mark’s Cathedral, Land Gate and Revelin Tower, Sea Gate, Rampada Tower, Abbey Treasury, Marco Polo’s house, Town Museum.

For sightseeing town Korčula Tour contact HERE.

Sightseeing Town Korčula

Sightseeing town Korčula: the walls and towers of the old town

Sightseeing town Korčula: the main entrance in old town Korčula

Sightseeing town Korčula: the main entrance to old town Korčula

Town Vela Luka

Town of Vela Luka is located on the western part of the island of Korčula, within 9.2 km long bay on the east island coast, and you can reach by car ferry from Orebić. It’s a very charming Mediterranean town surrounded by rich vegetation, olives and vineyards, offering you authentic Dalmatian island holiday.

During the summer months Vela Luka is a place of a great entertainment – you can enjoy in numerous events and performances from traditional choir singing, art exhibitions, fishermen nights, folkloric festival and concerts of pop and classical music.

Waterfront in town Vela Luka, Korčula Island

Waterfront of town Vela Luka

Besides great historical and cultural heritage, very good choice of accommodation and excellent restaurants, Vela Luka has the wonderful archipelago with some of the most beautiful Croatian beaches.

Pretty little island Osjak and Proizd are both oasis with white beaches, crystal clear sea and Robinson Crusoe’s silence.

Sightseeing in Vela Luka

When visiting Vela Luka don’t miss the main sites while walking around the town: church of St. Joseph, museums and galleries in Center for Culture, Great Cave.

Accommodation on Korčula Island

Korčula Island offers you all types of accommodation for all budgets and tastes – hotels, private apartments and villas – you can choose from luxurious to affordable holiday spending.

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Day trips from Korčula Island by yacht

When on holidays on Korčula you can easily plan your day trips by yacht to some wonderful places in Adriatic archipelago – exploring islands Hvar, Mljet or Lastovo for a day, or take an excursion to Dubrovnik by yacht is a great holiday experience.

Day trips by yacht from Korčula Island

Day trips by yacht from Korčula Island

Excursion to incredible Mljet National Park

Feel freedom on a yacht when sailing to the island Mljet National Park in such a grandiose style. The National park is famous for its two salt lakes and 12th century Benedictine monastery.
Enjoy snorkeling, swimming or sunbathing, and a delicious 4-course Mediterranean lunch served by your Captain. If this sounds like a perfect day in Mljet Nature Park, read more and book online.

Day trip to Mljet Island National Park

Day trip to Mljet Island National Park

Day trip to famous Dubrovnik

Enjoy 90-minute pleasant yacht cruise to famous destination Dubrovnik and discover outstanding Old Town with your private tour guide.

After you leave Dubrovnik, your captain will serve delicious Dalmatian lunch in peaceful bay on nearby Elafiti Islands. You will have plenty of time for swimming and sunbathing in crystal clean sea before you back to Korčula.

You can find out more on this amazing day trip to Dubrovnik by motor yacht and book online.

Day trip to famous Dubrovnik

Day trip to famous Dubrovnik

Visit Lastovo Island paradise

Enjoy a relaxing 40-minute yacht cruise to green island Lastovo located in the midst of the blue Adriatic open sea. The Lastovo archipelago was declared a Nature Park in 2006, where you will have opportunity to swim, snorkel and hike in the untouched nature. You will also discover Lastovo village with a guided tour and visit ex-Yugoslav military submarine tunnel. Finally, you’ll be served a three-course Mediterranean lunch on board.

Read more information on exciting discovering of Lastovo Island archipelago.

Excursion to popular Hvar Island

Follow your guide to Hvar Old Town and enjoy coffee and ice cream on Hvar promenade. Swim and snorkel at nearby Pakleni Islands and taste a four-course Mediterranean lunch served on the yacht.

Find out more on day trip to famous Hvar Island and book online.

Day trip to Hvar Island

Day trip to Hvar Island

Beaches on Korčula Island

Numerous gorgeous bays and beaches hidden along the Korčula coastline are waiting for you to discover. Among the most beautiful beaches is Vaja Beach near the village of Račišće and Orlanduša Beach in Defora bay.

The most popular beaches are sandy Vela Pržina Beach in Lumbarda, pebbled Pupnatska Luka Beach and Proizd Beach (naturist beach on Proizd Island).

Beaches in Korčula Town: Banj, Zakrjan, Spomenik, Sveti Nikola, Luka Korčulanska.
Beaches in Lumbarda: Vela Pržina, Tatinja, Lenga, Bilin Žal
Beaches in Korčula Archipelago: Badija Island, Stupe Island, Vrnik Island, Planjak Island.

Other amazing beaches on Korčula Island: Vaja Beach near Račišće, Orlanuduša Beach in Defora Bay, Bačva Beach (bay), Pupnatska Luka Beach, Defora Bay, Kneža Bay.

Amazing beach on Korčula Island

Amazing beach on Korčula Island

Where is Korčula Island and how to get there

Korčula is must-to-discover island in Southern Dalmatian Islands archipelago. You can easily reach Korčula Island from Split or Dubrovnik by car ferry or catamaran. Also, the island is connected by ferry with Orebić on Pelješac peninsula.

Ferry from Split to Korčula

If you travel from Split to Korčula, you can board direct ferry to Korčula (Vela Luka) or you can board a ferry route to Dubrovnik or Lastovo Island – both stopping on Korčula (Vela Luka), but bear in mind that ferry to Lastovo Island is foot only.

You can also get to Korčula by catamaran from Split to town Vela Luka – check Jadrolinija website for routes and timetable.

There is one more way to reach Korčula – by catamaran from Split to Dubrovnik, stopping in Korčula Town, operated by company Kapetan Luka.

Read more info on our Getting around Croatia by ferry page.

Getting to Korčula Island by ferry

Getting to Korčula Island by ferry

Catamaran from Dubrovnik to Korčula

If you travel to Korčula from Dubrovnik you have two options – by catamaran from company Kapetan Luka, or company G&V Line, stopping at Mljet Island on the way.

Getting to Korčula Island from famous Dubrovnik is easy

Getting to Korčula Island from famous Dubrovnik is easy

Getting to Korčula from Orebić (Pelješac peninsula)

Since western side of Korčula Island is very close to mainland (town Orebić at Pelješac peninsula is only 3.5 km off the coast), getting to island from Orebić is the fastest way if you are coming to Korčula from the Southern Dalmatian towns Dubrovnik or Cavtat.
Company Jadrolinija operates a car ferry route from Orebić to Korčula Island – precisely to Domince, suburb of town Korčula.

Getting to Korčula from Dubrovnik by car or bus

You can get to Korčula from Dubrovnik by bus (using the ferry Orebić-Korčula). Check bus timetable on Autotrans website.

The bus drives along the Croatian coast to Pelješac peninsula to small Orebić Town, the closest mainland point to Korčula Island. Once the bus arrives in Orebić, bus gets on car ferry and you are coming near to town Korčula (Domince) in about 30 min. If you travel to Korčula from Dubrovnik by car, route is the same as by bus.

Getting to Korčula from Pescara (Italy)

One more option to reach Korčula Island (town Vela Luka) is from Pescara in Italy, if you are coming from this part of Europe. This ferry route operates in July and August only, please check HERE for timetable.

More information on getting to Korčula you’ll find on our Travelling to Southern Dalmatia and Travelling to Southern Dalmatian Islands pages.

Map of Korčula Island

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