Istria is beyond swimming and sunbathing

Istria is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia you can visit year-round. And it’s not just for mild Mediterranean climate and numerous outdoor activities you can have in winter season but also for high quality resorts, hotels, private accommodation and fantastic Istrian villas with swimming pools located in green inland of peninsula.

Istrian green inland. Istria is not just the coast, swimming and sunbathing. Numerous experience in green Istrian inland are waiting for you to discover – picturesque hilltop towns, biking and hiking trails, amazing caves, waterparks, fantastic taverns offering domestic food, wine cellars and olive groves and truffle searching in the woods.

Italian influence. Don’t be surprised – Italian influence in Istria is huge and everything is written in the both languages, Croatian and Italian, and almost all Istrian people speak Italian.

All types of accommodation. In Istria you’ll find all types of accommodation for all budgets and tastes – hotels, resorts, private apartments and villas – you can choose from luxurious to affordable holiday spending. In Istria you can spend your holiday in best Croatian hotels, awarded campsites and luxury villas in green inland and on the coast.

Travelling to Istria. The whole peninsula is connected with motorway called Istrian Ypsilon and you can easily travel between coastal towns Umag, Poreč, Rovinj, Vrsar, Novigrad or Pula, as well as getting around from the coastal towns to villages in green inland all way to eastern coast. Flying to Istrian peninsula from Europe is comfortable way of travelling as well since Pula Airport is close to most Istrian towns. For more information on getting to Istria please read our Travelling to Istria page.

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