Getting around Croatia by bus

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Bus travelling around Croatia

When it comes to best-buy transportation in Croatia, bus service is your great option – extensive network, frequent and reliable timetables and affordable prices, but not cheap as you maybe think.

High quality motorways reduce journey times considerably, so you can visit many wonderful places when travelling by bus in Croatia.

Main bus terminals are usually in the center of town, close to your further transport options, if you continue your travel (by ferry or taxi). Despite all compliments to Croatian bus service, transportation to small villages on some islands and in Istrian inland is not so frequent and organized, so try to find some more comfortable options.

Travelling by bus around Croatia

Travelling by bus around Croatia

Bus companies in Croatia

There are many bus operating companies frequently covering from long distance routes to small villages in country. The largest national bus operators are Autotrans, Croatia Bus, and Čazmatrans but there are many local companies like Libertas in Dubrovnik region, Promet Split in Split region, and Liburnija in Zadar region.

Wherever you stay in Croatia you can always reach the closest town by bus and then continue your journey in any direction you want.

Travelling by bus around Croatia

Travelling by bus around Croatia

Bus tickets and timetables

You can buy a bus ticket at the bus terminals all over the Croatia. The easiest way to buy ticket is online at Zagreb Bus Terminal (you can buy only tickets for buses departing FROM Zagreb!) as well as on Autotrans website (here you can buy tickets for many destinations).

Bus timetables can be found at the main bus terminal’s websites and largest bus operators’ websites.

Before deciding on time and date of your journey, check the bus driving route. It’s not the same journey time when your bus drives on motorway or state roads. You will find bus routes within timetables at Main Zagreb Bus Terminal.

Main bus terminals in Croatia

Dubrovnik Bus Terminal

Split Bus Terminal

Varaždin Bus Terminal

Zadar Bus Terminal

Zagreb Bus Terminal

Main bus terminals in Croatia

Main bus terminals in Croatia