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Get to know Dubrovnik – the Adriatic Superstar

Dubrovnik is a fascinating place with numerous incredible sights that will take you breath away again and again. Feeling excitement within its historical scene of buildings, squares and places all around is just usual state of mind and soul in Dubrovnik – when you arrive in the Old Town only a few seconds is enough for you to realize this is one of the most incredible places you have ever visited.

Read about rich Dubrovnik history.

The aerial view of Dubrovnik's Old town with the main street Stradun in the middle

The aerial view of Dubrovnik’s Old town with the main street Stradun in the middle

Is there anyone who has never heard of Dubrovnik before?

Dubrovnik is a town in southernmost part of Croatia known for its unique Old Town listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, surrounded by the sea and massive stone walls with fortresses, completed in the 16th century, and one of the best preserved medieval towns in the world.

Walls and fortresses of Dubrovnik

Walls and fortresses of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is the most famous destination in Croatia, renowned all around the globe and proud winner of numerous national and international tourism recognitions and awards.

Keep on reading and find out why is Dubrovnik a true Adriatic Superstar!

Hollywood loves Dubrovnik

The Adriatic Star is recognized by biggest Hollywood’s producers who know there’s no better ambience for scene shooting than stunning monumental town of Dubrovnik.

After filming scenes for The Game of Thrones TV show on several locations in the town, another Hollywood’s mega hit came to Dubrovnik – Jedi occupied the main Stradun Street for the newest Star Wars Episode 8 shooting in the most beautiful city in the galaxy!

Watch Jedi on Stradun Street VIDEO!
More photos from Star Wars shooting in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik is a famous movie shooting scenery

Dubrovnik is a famous movie shooting scenery

But not only Hollywood producers love Dubrovnik for outstanding scenery filming…

Numerous Hollywood movie and pop stars are coming to Dubrovnik on holidays for many years – Tom Cruise, Beyonce, Eva Longoria, Tina Turner, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Goldie Hawn… and many others visited Dubrovnik.

The best time to visit Dubrovnik

Since Dubrovnik has true Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters, the most tourists visit the town from April to October, but you can visit it during the whole year – there’s no cold winters and snow.

The main season is in July and August, but if you prefer more intimate holiday without big crowd, you should avoid these two months when also many visitors from cruising ships are in town. That’s why the best time for visiting Dubrovnik is the end of April and May in spring, and late September and October in autumn, when the weather is still warm and beautiful and streets are less crowded with people.

And please note, though Dubrovnik is a year-round destination, some hotels are closed from November through to March, as well as some of restaurants take the whole month of January off.

Dubrovnik is year-round destination

When it comes to getting to Dubrovnik, in the winter you have less options if you want to fly directly from Europe to Dubrovnik Airport, since numerous European airlines serve direct flights only from May/June to October, but you have always possibility of numerous flights from Zagreb with Croatia Airlines, daily, year-round.

Before you scroll down for more take a few minutes and watch Dubrovnik promo video from Dubrovnik Tourist Board.

Things to do in Dubrovnik

Sightseeing and Museums in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a living monument – the whole old town is an ancient stage. For the best sightseeing experience and learning about Old Town and City Walls with Fortresses we recommend you to take an organized sightseeing tour.

Dubrovnik sights
Dubrovnik sights’ list is pretty long and here is the top sights selection: City Walls with Forts, Stradun Street, Cathedral of The Assumption of Mary, Rector’s Palace, Sponza Palace, St. Blaise Church, Dubrovnik’s Gates, Clock Tower, Onofrio’s Fountain, Franciscian Monastery, Old Pharmacy, St. Saviour Church, Orlando Column, Pucic Palace, Dominician Monastery, Marin Držić Square, Ivan Gundulić Square, Ruđer Bošković Square.

Things to do in Dubrovnik: The Onofrio’s Fountain

Things to do in Dubrovnik: The church of St. Blaise

Things to do in Dubrovnik: The church of St. Blaise

Things to do in Dubrovnik: The Clock tower and Sponza Palace

Things to do in Dubrovnik: The Clock tower and Sponza Palace

Dubrovnik’s museums and exhibitions
Dubrovnik’s Museums and Exhibitions absolutely worth of visiting: Museum of Croatian War and Independence, Ethnographic Museum, Archaeological Museum, War Photo Limited, Maritime Museum, Cultural History Museum, House of Marin Držić.

Small group Dubrovnik Museums Tour

SUPER SAVER WALKING TOUR: The Old town, City Walls and Fortresses

The best way to learn about Dubrovnik is strolling the streets of Old Town with an organized group guided by professional who will get you deeper into history and stories behind the houses, palaces, churches and other attractions.

The highlight of your visit to Dubrovnik is definitely walking monumental City Walls and Fortresses, providing the breathtaking ancient ambience and a spectacular view. The Walls measure 2 km and surround the city’s historic heart.

If you consider joining an organized group for SUPER SAVER Dubrovnik Old Town + Ancient City Walls Historical Walking Tour, find more information and plan yout tour in advance.

Things to do in Dubrovnik: Walking the Walls and Fortresses

Things to do in Dubrovnik: Walking the Walls and Fortresses

Things to do in Dubrovnik: Walking the Walls and Fortesses

Things to do in Dubrovnik: Walking the Walls and Fortesses

3 practical tips for Walking the Old Town, City Walls and Fortresses Tour:

Tip 1: Before booking your tour, check the cruisers’ timetable to avoid a crowd and pay attention on arrival dates. The best time for tour is after 4am.
Tip 2: The walk takes about one hour and is very exposed to the sun. Try to avoid it between 11am and 3pm. Take the water and sunscreen with you on tour.
Tip 3: Book your tour before leaving home.

Stradun street – a million dollar promenade

You certainly won’t miss strolling the famous Stradun Street, called Placa by locals, the main street stretching between Pile Gate and Ploče Gate. Stradun is Croatia’s walk of fame where Kevin Spacey, Sean Connery, Tom Cruise, Beyonce and many other celebrities step their foots when visiting Southern Dalmatia. Stradun is very inviting, just take a walk and feel town’s rhythm.

Things to do in Dubrovnik: The famous Stradun Street (Placa)

Things to do in Dubrovnik: The famous Stradun Street (Placa)

EXCLUSIVE „Game of Thrones“ Walking Tour

If you are a true Game of Thrones fan, there’s no doubt – you should take an expert guided three hour tour around locations used in filming TV show and get to know the fictional city of King’s Landing while exploring Dubrovnik, UNESCO protected Old Town!

Climb the City Walls, picturing the bloody battles from the TV series, and visit Lovrijenac Fortress to learn about the evil exploits of King Joffrey. Follow in the footsteps of Ayra Stark and hear insider gossip galore about the popular series.

This amazing tour can be booked exclusively on Viator – BOOK YOUR Game of Thrones Tour before you arrive in Dubrovnik.

3 Practical tips for Game of Thrones Tour:

Practical tip 1: To avoid the crowd, check cruiser arrivals timetable.
Practical tip 2: Find locations used in filming Game of Thrones on the MAP.
Practical tip 3: Take water and sunscreen with you on tour.

SUPER SAVER TOUR 3 IN 1: Cable Car + Old Town + City Walls

In a just 3 min cable car drive to mountain Srđ, standing 400 m above Dubrovnik, you’ll enjoy incredible view over Adriatic Sea and red roofs of gorgeous town of Dubrovnik. Besides breathtaking experience up there (on a clear day you can see up to 60 km), you can have a drink, snack or a meal at the snack bar or in the Panorama restaurant.

The easiest way to get to the cable car from the Old Town is from Buža Street leading you towards the exit from the City Walls where keep climbing towards the fire station.
Once you are at the fire station, just crossover the street on your right hand side and continue straight up the street. After a few moments, the cable car lower station is just on your right hand side.


The Cable Car to Mt. Srđ drives non –stop, from 9:00am on every hour and half hour.

Read more information on monthly timetable and buying ticket.

Things to do in Dubrovnik: The cable car to Mt. Srđ

Things to do in Dubrovnik: The cable car to Mt. Srđ

Lokrum Island – escape in 10 minutes by boat

Just in front of Dubrovnik, Lokrum Island is inviting you for an escape from town’s crowd. For many reasons, this island is a favorite excursion destination reachable by 10 min tourist boat drive from town’s harbor.

Things to do in Dubrovnik: a view to Lokrum Island

Things to do in Dubrovnik: a view to Lokrum Island

What is so interesting about Lokrum Island? Keep on reading 6 main reasons:

1. The island is a natural wonder – a little salt-filled lake, 10 meters deep and linked to the open sea, is located on the southern part of Lokrum (it’s island’s Dead Sea) and you can swim in it without almost any effort.

2. The only inhabitants on the island are peacocks, exotic birds brought over from Canary Islands 150 years ago, living in a beautiful vegetation of more than 100 kinds of trees, flowers, plants and bushes planted from all over the globe.

3. You can visit the Benedictine monastery complex from 11th century, built to face an open sea for the strategic safeguarding of Dubrovnik.

4. There is a restaurant where you can take a break and taste excellent food, or you can have a picnic somewhere on this amazing island.

5. Some scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed on the island. Yes, Benedictine Monastery and Botanical gardens stand in for the city of Qarth near the Jade Sea, visited by Daenerys Targaryen in season two.

And sixth great reason – for naturist and all visitors who want to get rid of everything while on holidays: there is beautiful rocky naturist beach (FKK) on the island.

More info on Lokrum Island and boat time table visit Lokrum Island Official website.

Things to do in Dubrovnik: Benedictine Monastery on Lokrum Island

Things to do in Dubrovnik: Benedictine Monastery on Lokrum Island

Trsteno Arboretum

The settlement of Trsteno, located just 20 km north of Dubrovnik, is the home of the oldest monument of garden architecture in Croatia – Trsteno Arboretum collection of exotic and decorative trees and shrubs including over 300 species.

Covering an area of 25 hectares Trsteno Arboretum was established in the 15th century as a park and summer residence of the patrician family Gučetić-Gozze who requested ship captains to bring back all kind of seeds and plants from their travels.

The place is very easy to reach by car or public bus and it’s definitely worth of visiting – not just for the incredible garden and spectacular view to Elaphite Islands but for locations where Games of Thornes TV show was filmed.

Trsteno Arboretum is one of the major filming locations where main protagonists weave their plots and exchange secrets at King’s Landing.

Things to do in Dubrovnik: Trsteno Arboretum

Things to do in Dubrovnik: Trsteno Arboretum

Dubrovnik Aquarium

Dubrovnik sea aquarium is situated on the ground floor of the medieval St. John Fortress. This unique ancient ambience offers you enjoying in fascinating sea world of Adriatic flora and fauna specimens separated in 31 aquarium tanks.

Kayaking along Dubrovnik coastline

After morning walking tour of Dubrovnik Old Town, you can spend an exciting afternoon sea kayaking along Dubrovnik’s coastline for an unforgettable view!

You can paddle along the impressive City Walls or over to the nearby Lokrum Island for some snack, swimming, snorkeling (equipment is provided), hiking, or just relaxing.

If this sounds exciting, but you’re still worried about your kayaking skills, let’s give you a little push – kayaking tour is guided and no kayaking experience is necessary. Just hop in a kayak and do some padding for getting to know Dubrovnik from a different perspective!

Things to do in Dubrovnik: Kayaking along the coastline

Things to do in Dubrovnik: Kayaking along the coastline

Take a sunset cruise with dinner on traditional Karaka boat

Dubrovnik has one of the best locations to see the spectacular sunset from the sea. Thus taking a sunset cruise along Dubrovnik coast is something you should absolutely consider to experience.
We recommend you to take 2.5 hour Sunset Cruise with a dinner in traditional Karaka boat, loaded with delicious Dalmatian goodies like domestic prosciutto, homemade tuna salad, seafood risotto, grilled fish… Book online this fantastic Karaka Boat Sunset Cruise before you arrive!

How to avoid cruise ship crowd in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is pretty crowded place during the season (which in Dubrovnik lasts from May till October), especially in July and August when the crowd is almost unbelievable – besides usual tourists, visitors from cruising ships are in the town!

During this two summer months, the best time for sightseeing Dubrovnik is after 4pm (the best time means a bit less of crowd) when the most visitors from cruisers are gone back to their ships. Also, if you want to avoid huge crowd from cruisers and enjoy your time in Dubrovnik more, check cruiser arrivals timetable published by Official Port Authority.

Before booking the sightseeing tour, we recommend you to take into consideration ship arrival dates and make your stay in Dubrovnik more enjoyable.

Day trips from Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is more than Old City, Walls and Fortresses. If you’ve travelled all over to this part of the world, don’t miss to visit some places offering incredible experiences you will absolutely enjoy and love.

You can take a day trip from Dubrovnik to many nearby places and islands from -imposing Sokol Grad Tower and Konavle to Elaphite Archipelago, Lokrum Island or hit the road to town of Cavtat.

You can be even more inquisitive and explore the South-Dalmatian region – Korčula Island, Peljašac Peninsula, River Neretva Delta or Mljet Island.

Before you make a choice, find out about some amazing day trips you can take from Dubrovnik.

Elaphite Islands

Elaphite Islands group includes eight islands and five islets, and just three of islands are inhabited: Koločep, Lopud and Šipan. You can reach the Elaphite Islands by a boat departing from Gruž Harbor several times a day (check Jadrolinija timetable) or join some of the numerous organized tours by Dubrovnik agencies, we recommend you an amazing Cruising Elaphite Islands Tour with historical replica of Karaka boat!

Island Mljet National Park

Take a day trip from Dubrovnik to Island Mljet National Park for the ultimate Dalmatian Island experience. National Park Mljet, covering entire north-west side of Mljet Island, is situated near Dubrovnik in group of Southern Dalmatian Islands.
The masterpiece of two salt water lakes (Great and Small Lake) stretches about four kilometers, with Park’s main attraction The Islet of St. Mary and Benedictine Monastery in the middle of the Large Lake.

You can get to Mljet by ferry from Dubrovnik or you can take a day trip by yacht or speed boat for a perfect day in Mljet National Park.

For more info visit Mljet National Park official website.

Day trip to Mljet Island National Park

Neretva River Safari

The Neretva is a major river of Herzegovina but 22 km of the river run through Croatia, where delta of breathtaking beauty is often described as “Croatian California”. The Neretva River Delta is extremely swampy and fertile area, ideal for oranges, tangerines, lemons, kiwis and other fruit growers.

In this beautiful area, just 1.5 hour drive from Dubrovnik, many local restaurants by the river offer Neretva Safari- an exceptional experience of nature and domestic food (frog and eel stew are specialties) in the traditional wooden boat!

If you are interested for an overnight stay for more exploring this region, you can contact Guest House Djurda and Mate situated right by the river, just 4 km from Metković in Vid village, offering you well equipped rooms, domestic meals in their tavern, and river safari with traditional wooden boat organization! They can also arrange your excursion to Mostar and Medjugorje! Oops, a day trip turned into two days, or even more?

Moreover, you can contact other locals for your Neretva River safari adventure:

Neretva River Delta

Neretva River Delta

Exploring islands of Korčula, Hvar and Brač

A NEW FAST CATAMARAN LINE is connecting Dubrovnik with islands of Korčula, Hvar and Brač from 1st of July until 11th of September. This is fantastic opportunity for Southern Dalmatian islands discovering while on holiday in Dubrovnik and surroundings. TIMETABLE, PRICES. AND ONLINE BOOKING.

You can get to Korčula island by Jadrolinija ferry or with local operators as well. For more information read our Getting around Croatia by ferry page.

Korčula Island

Korčula Island

Pelješac Peninsula

Spend the perfect day discovering Pelješac peninsula – the second largest peninsula in Croatia – famed for its natural bays, reef and fjords hiding pebbly beaches.

Besides beautiful nature and ancient maritime tradition, Pelješac peninsula is well known for the vineyards and excellent sorts of red wines (Dingač and Postup), oysters and mussels, and other fresh seafood.

If you are interested in visiting Pelješac from Dubrovnik, we highly recommend you to choose between two great day tours, both very hedonistic, for the travellers who love to explore when it comes to food and wine, even when on holidays:

Wine tasting and Stone village tour

Oyster and wine tour

Korčula Island sightseeing with wine tasting

Korčula Island sightseeing with wine tasting

Konavle and Cavtat

Konavle is a small rural region, located just twenty minute drive on south-east of Dubrovnik.

If considering to make an escape from Dubrovnik’s crowd, Konavle region is a right place for an exciting day in the nature – by biking through Konavle Valley, horse-back riding through rustic villages, olive groves and vineyards, ATV Safari exploring, taking a Valley Wine Tour with Train Ride or visiting imposing Sokol Grad Tower.

For a guided horse-back riding tour or ATV Safari please contact Kojan Coral in the village Popovići for more information.

Town Cavtat: The most popular town in Konavle region, on south from Dubrovnik

Town Cavtat: The most popular town in Konavle region, on south from Dubrovnik

Cavtat accommodation tip: The most popular resort in Konavle region is Cavtat, located on beautiful forested peninsula and surrounded by pebbly beaches, offering you an excellent choice of accommodation. Cavtat is an amazing holiday destination, distant from summer crowd but still close to Dubrovnik.

Find out more about Konavle and Cavtat.

Kravice Waterfall

Leaving a country of your holiday just for a day trip? You must have a good reason and Kravica Waterfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina is definitely worth of your escape to another country.
Still void of any mass-tourism infrastructure, Kravice Waterfall is a truly spectacular attraction at green Trebižat River, located near the village of Studenci (about 40 km south-west of Mostar).

The waters are freezing all year round (about 8 degrees Celsius), but you can take a walk all the way down to the base of the fall, where the bravest can swim, sunbath, relax in nearby cafe with a terrace overlooking the river and waterfall. You can picnic and even pitch a tent for the night if you’re equipped.

To get to Kravice Waterfall takes two hour drive from Dubrovnik–you just head south-west out of Mostar following signs towards Krusevo and follow the road M6 all the way to Ljubuski, where you’ll turn left towards Studenci. After 10 km you’ll see a brown sign pointing to a left side road advertising Kravice Fall. The road ends after about 3 km, right at the car park.


Vjetrenica Cave

Vjetrenica Cave is the largest cave found in this area, located cross over the border in the neighboring Bosnia & Herzegovina, just an hour drive from Dubrovnik. Spend several hours by exploring Vjetrenica Cave, a subterranean wonderland of lakes, stalactites and stalagmites, and get curious to learn more about Vjetrenica’s secrets and history with a professional guide.

Beaches in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Beaches are mostly rocky and pebbled, high in quality of the clear blue sea, whether you swim in the town’s center or surrounding area.

The most famous beaches in Dubrovnik

Banje Beach– the most glamorous beach with an amazing view over Dubrovnik Old Town, located below luxurious Dubrovnik’s hotels Excelsior and Argentina, a sensational place with restaurant and club you must visit when stay in Dubrovnik.

Copacabana Beach – a pebbled beach at Babin Kuk is very popular for families with children. Besides a beautiful view over the Dubrovnik Bridge, Copacabana Beach offers you restaurants, cafe bars, fruit shops and rentals for sport activities.

Beaches in Lapad peninsula Bay– mixture of rocky and pebble beaches along with the promenade with restaurants, coffe bars and pastry shops is one of the most popular places for spending a summer day.

Beaches under the Walls and Fortresses

Porporela Beach – for instant refreshment on a hot summer day, just under to St. John Fortress on a small quay with the Red Feral.

Buža Beach – an extraordinary beach placed at the bottom of the rocks’ exterior, on the southern part of the town walls, with a bar for your daily refreshment, turning into one of the most romantic places in Dubrovnik when the sun goes down. The Buža Beach is must-visit place in Dubrovnik.

Other amazing beaches in Dubrovnik

St. Jakov Beach – is sandy and pebbly beach with the spectacular view over the Dubrovnik Old Town, City Walls and Lokrum Island. You will find it in the cove under the cliffs of St. Jacob’s Church after Hotel Argentina. Hit the stairs leading down to the beach carefully and enjoy swimming, sunbathing, kayaking…
Danče Beach – a wellknown rocky beach located about 200 m from the Pile Gate exit, underneath St. Mary Church, below Gradac Park. It’s positioned towards the open sea (here the sea is deep and colder, the waves are sometimes very high). It’s a beautiful beach, but not a good choice for children and less experienced swimmers.

Lokrum Island beaches

You can choose between Portoč Beach and Bijele Stijene Beach (White Rocks Beach). Don’t miss to visit the attractions on the island in the break from swimming and sunbathing.

Naturist beaches in Dubrovnik

Cava Naturist Beach – rocky beach on Babin Kuk on Lapad peninsula, about 7 km northwest of Dubrovnik Old Town, easy reachable by bus no. 6 from Pile Gate, exit at Hotel Valamar President and follow the sign.
Lokrum Island – you will find some fantastic coves and beaches on the eastern side of the island.
Veliki Potok Beach– a pebbled beach located 12 km north of Dubrovnik in a little village Orašac, within the auto-camp Rudine.
Sunj Beach –sandy beach located on Lopud Island, recently listed within top 50 world’s beaches by Guardian.

Beaches in Dubrovnik: The beach near Dubrovnik

Beaches in Dubrovnik: The beach near Dubrovnik

Accommodation in Dubrovnik – where to stay

In Dubrovnik the accommodation is absolutely fantastic and superb – from 5 stars luxury hotels (the new ones or renovated old villas from rich Dubrovnik’s history) to unique apartments and rooms in Mediterranean ambience with breathtaking views to Adriatic Sea.

Since Dubrovnik is one of the world’s most popular destinations, it’s likely to find an expensive accommodation, although there are lots of affordable staying options as well. The hotels are very comfortable, many very rich in luxury decorations and historical details and ambience, so the price can get pretty high.

But, the choice of affordable, amazing apartments or rooms is also fantastic, and you’ll definitely find many possibilities fitting into your budget, especially if you decide to stay in Dubrovnik’s surroundings instead of the old town – and you can take that as an advantage: it’s more relaxed vacation, away from crowd but close to every location and numerous beaches since the whole region is small and distances are very short.

We believe Hotelscombined.com will be a great help to find you the best accommodation deals and to get the most out of your booking in Dubrovnik!

With Hotelscombined.com you can COMPARE ALL TOP TRAVEL SITES IN ONE SEARCH (including Booking.com, Expedia, Agoda, Hotels.com, Venera, Laterooms) and find exactly what are you looking for – EASILY and QUICKLY.

The choice of accommodation in Dubrovnik is simply incredible and sometimes you are not sure what you want any more or you start to reconsider what is the best for you. To make it easier for you, we made a selection of accommodation in Dubrovnik to encourage you in your final decision.

Selection of 5 stars accommodation

Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik
Hotel Dubrovnik Palace
Valamar Dubrovnik President
Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik
Villa Dubrovnik

Incredible 5 stars accommodation in HISTORICAL HOTELS AND VILLAS:

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik
Grand Villa Argentina
Pucic Palace
Villa Glavic
Villa Orsula

Selection of 4 stars accommodation

Fantastic 4 stars hotels and villas on the LAPAD PENINSULA:

Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik
Hotel Lapad
Hotel Kompas
Boutique & Beach Hotel Villa Wolff
Villa More
Villa Vinka Apartments
Villa Katarina Hotel

More amazing 4 stars accommodation in the OLD TOWN:

St. Joseph’s
The MirO Studio Apartments
Celenga Apartments
Old Town Ivory Apartments
Luxury X-Rooms and Apartments Old Town
Antica Ragusa
Villa Flores Apartments
Apartments More City Center Dubrovnik
Guest Accommodation Treasure Chest

Selection of 3 stars accommodation

3 stars accommodation on the LAPAD PENINSULA:

Valamar Argosy Hotel
Valamar Club
Hotela Adria
Hotel Vis
Berkeley Hotel
Hotel Zagreb
Hotel Aquarius
Orka Apartments
Dvori Lapad
Villa Curic

3 stars accommodation in the OLD TOWN OF DUBROVNIK:

Guesthouse Vicelic
House Katarina Apartment Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik Limestone House
Rooms Lavanda&Ruzmarin
Nerio Apartment
Rooms Old town
Budget Old town

More 3 stars accommodation in Dubrovnik:

Edi’s Sea View Rooms Dubrovnik
X-Rooms Dubrovnik
Apartments Mare
Dubrovnik Residence
Villa Music Dubrovnik
Apartments East West
Apartments and Rooms Benussi

ACCOMMODATION TIP: You should definitely consider staying in beautiful town of Cavtat, just a short drive on south from Dubrovnik!

Fantastic choice of accommodation in Dubrovnik

Fantastic choice of accommodation in Dubrovnik

Where is Dubrovnik and how to get there

You’ve read a lot about Dubrovnik but you are still not sure where is Dubrovnik and how to get there?

Dubrovnik is located at southernmost of Croatian Adriatic coast, and flying is definitely the most comfortable choice of travelling. But it doesn’t mean that Dubrovnik is reachable by air only, on the contrary – it’s very well connected to all European countries by motorway, but it takes pretty long time to get there. You can also travel to Split first and then board a ferry or catamaran to Dubrovnik (for those who prefer sailing more than driving).

Travelling to Dubrovnik is possible by ferry from Italy, if you come from this part of Europe. Getting to Dubrovnik by train is not possible since the railway ends in Split.

Keep on reading and find out more on how to get there.

Flights to Dubrovnik from Europe

The best way of travelling to Dubrovnik is by air. Numerous airlines serve flights to Dubrovnik Airport, mosty during the summer but some European airlines offer direct flights from May till mid of October.

Croatia Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, German Wings, SAS, Easyjet , Jet2.com, Norwegian, Finnair, Smartwings, Air Berlin, Volotea, Brussels Airlines, Flyniki, Vueling, Air Serbia, Iberia, AirBaltic, Transavia

Daily flights to Dubrovnik via Zagreb year-round

Croatia Airlines have daily flights from Zagreb to Dubrovnik with higher frequency in summer season. If there’s no appropriate flight direct to Dubrovnik Airport, you always have the option to fly to Dubrovnik via Zagreb Airport with nacional company Croatia Airlines year-round.

Flying to Dubrovnik

Flying to Dubrovnik

Travelling by car to Dubrovnik

If you’ll be travelling by car to Dubrovnik, your journey will be pretty long, but exciting and worth of visiting many beautiful towns and places on your way. To get to Dubrovnik by car you hit motorway A1 called Dalmatina all down to south to town Ploče where motorway ends (100 km on the north from Dubrovnik). From Ploče, you’ll continue driving on Adriatic road to Dubrovnik. If you are a big adventurer you can drive to Dubrovnik from Rijeka – all along the curvy Adriatic road but don’t do it if you travel with children.

On your driving way to Dubrovnik, definitely don’t miss to visit Krka Waterfalls National Park near Šibenik and find some time to walk around old towns of Zadar, Trogir or Split. Moreover, depending on where from you are travelling, skip the road for a while and discover stunning gem of nature – Plitvice Lakes National Park.

For more info for your safe driving to Dubrovnik visit our Getting around Croatia by car page.

Travelling by bus to Dubrovnik

Travelling by bus to Dubrovnik is a long journey for all travellers coming from central or Northern European countries but still can be a very interesting adventure if you stop by at some beautiful towns for overnight and sites exploring. Check for bus routes and timetables on Autotrans or Zagreb Bus Terminal, and book your bus ticket online.
For more info visit our Getting around Croatia by bus page.

Travelling by ferry from Split to Dubrovnik

For ferry route from Split to Dubrovnik you can board one of the ferries and catamaran sailing to Dubrovnik via Southern Dalmatia islands. Please check ferry operators websites and book your ticket online:

Kapetan Luka

Read more info on our Getting around Croatia by ferry page and find out more including how to board a car on ferry.

Travelling to Dubrovnik with fast catamaran line

A NEW FAST CATAMARAN LINE is connecting Dubrovnik with islands of Korčula, Hvar and Brač from 1st of July until 11th of September. This is fantastic opportunity for getting to Dubrovnik and exploring the old town for a day or two while on holiday on Southern Dalmatian islands. TIMETABLE, PRICES AND ONLINE BOOKING.

Travelling by ferry from Italy to Dubrovnik

Jadrolinija operates route from Bari to Dubrovnik, check timetable book online.

By ferry to Dubrovnik

By ferry to Dubrovnik

Festivals and events in Dubrovnik

St. Blaise’s Day on the 3rd of February

Dubrovnik celebrates its Saint Blaise’s Day with enthusiasm and respect – parades and parties are all around the town through the day.

Spend Easter in Dubrovnik

Coming to Dubrovnik on Easter holidays is a great introduction to your summer travelling wherever you plan to escape. And, maybe you’ll be back to Dubrovnik in a few months again.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

The oldest cultural event in Croatia, first held in 1956, when the whole Old Town becomes a big stage for concerts, events and theatrical performances you can enjoy at imposing historic locations all around. Please find more info on performances at Dubrovnik Summer Festival official website.

Ending up with old year at Christmas Fair in December

At the end of the year Dubrovnik is still attracting the tourists from all around the globe. The traditional Christmas Fair is definitely worth of visiting for your good-memories-collection of the past year.

New start with New Year’s celebration in Dubrovnik

The Stradun Street is the main place of New Year’s party in Dubrovnik where at least one Croatian singing super star traditionally entertains crowd through the night till sunrise.

Dubrovnik event agenda

Look up for current agenda of Dubrovnik’s Events on Dubrovnik Tourism Board official website.

The New Year' s celebration in Dubrovnik

The New Year’ s celebration in Dubrovnik

Car Rentals in Dubrovnik

Renting a car for travelling around Dubrovnik is a great idea! The motorway A1 will take you to numerous fantastic places in any direction – north, south or east. The most important is to plan your travelling in advance and book your car on time, especially in main summer season!

We recommend you to arrange you car hire with Rentalcars company – the world’s biggest online car rental service.

Rentalcars.com deals with all the major car hire companies around the world in 169 countries checking which local supplier is offering the best prices for the car you want on the date you need it whilst ensuring everyone they deal with offers a great level of service.

Before you hit the road, get to know General Croatian traffic law, toll charges, your driving license validity, Green Card Car Insurance, etc.

All these answers and more information for your better driving experience and safety, you’ll find on our Car Rentals and Getting around Croatia by car pages.

We definitely recommend you to Download FREE CROATIA TRAFFIC INFO APP from iTunes with detailed traffic and travel information including roadside assistance service (available in English, Italian, German and Croatian).

Map of Dubrovnik

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Mar 22, 2023 - Wed
Dubrovnik, Croatia
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