The true Mediterranean spirit of Dalmatia

The Mediterranean way of living, lots of sunshine, streets full of life, friendly hosts, along with true ambience of Roman history, beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea and untouched nature are waiting for you to discover on your Dalmatian holiday!

Always beyond the expectations. If you have never been travelling to Dalmatia before, you’ll be very surprised by numerous things to do and places to discover all around. Numerous historical monuments, hiding stories behind, combined with modern living of locals offering you great entertainment, open-air events, excellent restaurants and local taverns, brilliant street food based on Mediterranean cuisine, original coffee shops and bars, famous brands shopping in Dalmatian cities and lots of fun and excitements.

Beaches in Dalmatia. The best beaches in Croatia are along Dalmatian Coast and absolute winners are Makarska Riviera and Southern Dalmatian Islands.

Sailing in Dalmatia. Dalmatian coast and the islands are top sailing destinations. If you consider sailing around Croatian coast you’ll be probably have the one of best time of your life.

All types of accommodation. In Dalmatia you’ll find all types of accommodation for all budgets and tastes – hotels, hostels, resorts, private apartments and villas – you can choose from luxurious to affordable holiday in Dalmatian cities, towns and villages.

Travelling to Dalmatia. Getting to Dalmatia is pretty easy and comfortable –high quality motorway A1 called Dalmatina will get you to almost all coastal towns and cities but if you prefer flying, three airports are located along the coast – in Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik and Brač Island – and will make your journey faster.

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