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Get to know Brač Island

Brač Island is the largest Dalmatian island (394 square km) with plenty of sun, wonderful nature, fantastic beaches, domestic Mediterranean fruits, fresh fish and lambs, excellent olive oil and wines. All of that just 50 min from Split by ferry or directly by plane landing at the airport on the island!

Renowned white stone is from Brač

The island is well-known for its white radiant Brač stone from which many buildings in the world are made of, including the White House in Washington D.C. (!) and Berlin Reichtag, as well as nearby Diocletian’s Palace in Split and the cathedral in town Trogir, along with many other structures and houses from the past and nowadays. When travelling around and exploring the island you will notice that many towns and villages have been built from white Brač stone.

Towns are built from Brač stone

Towns are built from Brač stone

Golden Horn – the famous beach on the Adriatic

The main reasons for great popularity of Brač are fantastic beaches and shores – crystal clear sea with great choice of pebbly, sandy and rocky beaches. The most famous beach on the Adriatic, Golden Horn Beach (Zlatni Rat) is awaiting for you right here on Brač Island– precisely in town Bol, one of the most popular tourist destination in Croatia.


Famous beach Golden Horn

Exploring the island

Brač is the largest island in Dalmatia and third largest in Croatia – but it’s not too big to explore the most attractive places. Either if you stay in Bol or Supetar, or in some other small town, you can easily discover the other side of the island.
Although the road on the island is not a motorway, and to be honest it’s pretty curving all around the place, the distances are not too long for skipping some incredible places.

The towns of Brač Island

The bigger towns on the Island Brač are Bol and Supetar, both with wide variety of accommodation options, but more exclusive selection is in town Bol.

Picturesque coast and inland

The smaller picturesque coastal towns are Postira, Pučišća, Povlja and Milna – they are more relaxed and perfect choice for your easy-holiday experience. The island’s interior offers outstanding ambience with great attractions to see, explore and climb (!), numerous authentic villages to discover, along with the vineyards and olive cultivations, fig, lemon, orange and almond trees.

Olive groves on Brač Island

Olive groves on Brač Island

The towns and villages of Brač Island

The best way to get to know where are located the towns and villages on Brač is to group them into coastal and inland area. Keep on reading and find out.

On the coastline

The towns Bol and Supetar

Bol is the most popular tourist center on the island, located at the south side of the island. In Bol you will swim and sunbath on the most famous beach in Croatia – Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat), eat in excellent restaurants, have a lots of accommodation choices (many are exclusive), enjoy in fantastic historical sites in the neighborhood and choose from long things-to-do list. Bol is famous worldwide for windsurfing as well as sailing destination on Southern Dalmatian sailing route.

Surfing on Golden Horn Beach

Surfing on Golden Horn Beach

Supetar is the main port and the biggest town on the island where your ferry from Split arrives, located on the north side of the island. Supetar has many beautiful beaches in town, lots of accommodation options from hotel and resorts to private apartments. It is less exclusive than Bol (and cheaper) with many events during the summer and great position for island discovering.

Town Supetar

Town Supetar

Small towns and villages – charming and authentic

Postira is lovely fisherman village on the south of the island, ideal for more relaxed holiday, with couple of hotels and pretty good private accommodation. The nearby beaches are Prvija, Mala Lozna and beautiful sandy bay Lovrečina. Above Postira there are sardine’s production facilities Adriatic Queen.

Pučišća is a wonderful picturesque village on the north side of Brač and it is famous for its Stonemason School and International Summer Music School.

Splitska is a very nice small village, consisting mainly of family stone houses, located in a bay only 8 km east from Supetar. Long time ago, Splitska used to be a loading port for Brač white stone and here you can find remains of ancient quarry Rasohe. In Splitska there are wonderful big-flat-stone beaches.

Sutivan is a picturesque town on northern side of the island, located 10 km from Supetar, rich in antient architecture from Diocletian time, pebbly beaches for relaxed holidays and numerous private room and apartments. Nearby attraction is Natural Park Sutivan with a little zoo your children will love to visit and have fun.

Milna is a small fisherman town on the west side of the island. Milna is located in a safe bay near popular sailing route to Dalmatian Island and for this reason it’s very popular port for sailing boats and yachts. The surrounding villages of Ložišća, Bobovišće and Bobovišće by the sea bay are just breathtaking and very exciting to discover. The choice of accommodation in Milna is not wide but you’ll find very good hotels, houses and private apartments.

Sumartin is a small fishing village on the east side of the island – the entry point to Brač for ferries from Makarska. Sumartin is pretty quiet place with private accommodation only.

Povlja is a quiet village with magnificent view to mainland’s Biokovo Mountain, located 10 km east of Sumartin offering private accommodation only. In surrounding you will find very nice beaches.

Villages in inland

Škrip is the oldest and the most authentic place on the island with typical old-stone-houses ambience, located above town of Postira. In village Škrip you will find The Island of Brač Museum and Olive Oil Museum.

Dol is an old Dalmatian with fantastic and quite rustic ambience, just 2 km above nearby town of Postira (2 km from the coast in a valley). Apart from the oldest church bell on island, Dol is well-known for lamb specialities, sea food dishes, home-made olive oil and domestic wine.

Humac Donji is a beautiful rustic village, one of the oldest on the island, located on the hill just 7 km from town of Supetar. The village has a long stone sculpturing tradition.

Nerežišća is a little town located in the very heart of the island on the crossroads of the main island’s roads. For more than eight centuries this picturesque place was an administrative, religious and economic center of the island. Today, Nerežišća is inhabited with about thousand people and there you’ll find some very nice private rentals.

Ložišća is an old village on the way to town Milna built on a steep hill with a beautiful parish church and a breathtaking sea view.

Things to do and see in Bol and neighborhood

Sightseeing in Bol

Dominican Monastery, St. John Chapel, St. Anthony Chapel, Church of our Lady of Caramel, House in house…

Golden Horn Beach (Zlatni Rat Beach)

This is the most famous beach in Croatia, not just for swimming and sunbathing but for windsurfing and many other water activities. The shingle beach is 500 m long changing the shape depending on the wind.

Sightseeing in town Bol

Climb Vidova Gora

The highest peak of Brač Island, and all Croatian island, is 778 m high where you will experience the most spectacular view to Adriatic big blue and the Southern Dalmatian islands archipelago – Hvar, Vis, Korčula, Pelješac, Lastovo and even Mljet (it’s close to Dubrovnik)!

The view over Adriatic from Vidova Gora

The view over Adriatic from Vidova Gora

Visit Dominican Monastery at Glavica peninsula

Once was a bishop’s palace and today is a museum with valuable collections of underwater archeology and prehistoric items, paintings, numismatic collection, including coins from Vis and Hvar, and Greek Creta.

The Dominican Monastery on Glavica peninsula

The Dominican Monastery on Glavica peninsula

Incredible Hermitage of Blaca

Blaca Monastery is unique monument on Croatian coast, established by Glagolitic priests who fled to Brač running away from the Turks. In 1552 they established monastic community and in 1570 they got permission to raise monastery and church.
Today, Hermitage of Blaca is an amazing museum with attractive furniture collection of ancient weapons, old watches and rich library along with the church restored by baroque patterns.

The Hermitage Blaca

The Hermitage Blaca

Enter Dragon’s Cave

The cave used to be a temple of Glagolitic priests in the 15th century. The name was created by the dragon’s reliefs carved in the stone – Madonna angels, moon, dragons are others. It’s located just outside the village Murvica (6 km west from Bol). Visits are possible with guided tour only, ask at local tourist office.

Gallery Branislav Dešković

The gallery is located in the port of Bol in renaissance-baroque palace from the end of 17th century – with more than 380 exhibits of the Croatian contemporary artists inspired by Dalmatia.

Bol promenade

Take a walk along Bol seafront from the town’s center all the way to Golden Horn Beach, and you can do it every day…

Promenade in town Bol

Promenade in town Bol

Ultra Europe Music Festival

After four days of partying in Split, Ultra Europe Music Festival is coming to Bol on 18th of July 2016. The premium world’s festival of electonic music will be the biggest beach party to date at Golden Horn Beach (Zlatni Rat). What to say more about Ultra Europe in Bol? Maybe, just a few advices – if you don’t like to party- stay away, if you don’t have tickets- hurry up!, if you don’t have an accommodation in Bol yet – what are you waiting for?

Partying in Bol

Partying in Bol

Enjoy local specialties

Numerous restaurants and taverns offer seafood and other local dishes you’d love to taste, and have a glass or two of domestic wine.

Stina wine cellar in Bol

You’ll be stunned not just by premium wine but with interior of the famous Stina winery in Bol. If you are interested in a true wine tasting, don’t look further – Stina Wine Cellar Tour is one of the best Dalmatian wine’s experience you can get. During the tour, you’ll be tasting some of Stina’s finest wines with delicious snacks such as proscuitto, cheese and olives. For your tour please contact directly to Stina Winery.

Hvar Island is just across the channel

Yes, you are looking over Hvar Island all the time. Definitely check with local tourist office and agencies for an organized cross over the channel or take a local boat taxi to get you there. Hvar Island is one of the most famous places in the world (!) and you shouldn’t miss discovering it at least for a day.

Town Hvar

Town Hvar

Hit stunning Bol beaches

Spend days and days on the most beautiful beach Golden Horn but also explore the other amazing beaches Murvica, Martinica, Paklina and Kotlina.

The beach in Bol

The beach in Bol

Dancing in night clubs

Just be a dancing queen, or king, in one of the Bol’s night clubs.

Explore other towns and villages

Other coastal towns and villages in inland are definitely worth of your discovering for an extended experience of holiday.

Town Sutivan

Town Sutivan

Bol Fiesta (Fjera)

Join locals and many tourists having fun in the town’s streets for Bol Fiesta (locals call it Fjera).

Things to do and see in Supetar and neighborhood

Sightseeing in Supetar

Parisch Church Complex, Supetar Cemetery, Ivan Rendic Gallery.
If interested in a walking guided tour of old town, please contact local tourist office or tourist agency IDI I VIDI.

Town Supetar

Rustic ambience in village Dol

Dol is an incredible village with quite and rustic ambience, just above nearby town of Postira (2 km from the coast in a valley). The taverns in village offer you Brač lamb specialties, sea food dishes, home-made olive oil and wine. For taking an excursion to Dol+Škrip tour please contact tourist agency IDI I VIDI.

Authentic spirit of island in Škrip village

Don’t miss the oldest and the most authentic place on the island where you will be witnessing the authentic spirit and cultural tradition of the island by visiting The Island of Brač Museum and Olive Oil Museum, along with the typical old-stone-houses ambience.
If you consider to take an organized tour to visit Škrip and Dol villages, we recommend to choose between two tours:



Škrip village on Brač Island

Škrip village on Brač Island

Hermitage of Blaca and peak of Vidova Gora

These two sites are must- visit- places on the island. Monastery Blaca is an unique monument on Croatian coast established by Glagolitic priests who fled to Brač running away from the Turks. Vidova Gora is the highest peak of Brač Island, and of all Croatian islands, with spectacular view to Adriatic big blue.

We recommend you an organized COMBO TOUR TO HERMITAGE BLACA AND VIDOVA GORA from Supetar with tourst agency IDI I VIDI.

Be creative at the stone work – shop

Be creative and visit The stone work-shop of Jaksic family in Donji Humac – a place where over a hundred years long familiy tradition in stone sculpturing, combined with the technology, offers you an opportunity for a do-it-yourself stone work. We recommend to take a Combo Tour of Donji Humac and Workshop organized by IDI I VIDI tourist agency.

Supetar Summer Festival

A lots of fun and entertainment during the all summer long – numerous exhibitions, concerts, performances, Dalmatian traditional singing including summer carnival on 24th of July for not-being-bored holidays.

Supetar’s Fiesta (Fjera)

Have fun with locals and numerous tourists in the streets of town – dancing, singing, domestic food and wine tasting is all around the place.

Cycling around the island

Brač Island is absolutely amazing place for your cycling adventure. Listen up what former London Mayor Boris Johnson have to say about his experience on cycling around the island and bike friendly town Sutivan.

Cycling around Sutivan

Cycling around Sutivan

Be lazy on the beach

There is a wide choice of beaches all along Supetar coastline– just pick one for your kind of day on the beach – just relaxing or look up for water sports and activities.

Hidden bay on Brač Island

Hidden bay on Brač Island

Take your seat at Supetar Film Festival

Festival of Modern European Documentary film starts at the begging of July. Just take your seat under the stars.

Listen carefully Dalmatian Islands Klapa Festival

Listen to Dalmatian traditional singing on first Saturday in September when klapas from island Šolta, Hvar, Vis and Brač gather to celebrate klapa singing.

Dalmatian food and wines

Wherever you are on Brač Island, explore your senses tasting Dalmatian food and wines. Just for the record, the best autochthon taverns are located in inland of the island, check with locals for the nearest tavern and their recommendation.
If you consider to make a gourmet or wine tasting tour, contact tourist agency IDI I VIDI.

Join the foolishness at International Brač Carnival

Get crazy at unique carnival event in Supetar at mid of September joining friendly hosts, international guests and participants for an unforgettable experience.

Kids! Nature Park Sutivan and the zoo

Make your children’s day and take them to nearby Nature Park Sutivan with a littlle zoo (3 km above Sutivan).

Nature Park near town Sutivan

Nature Park near town Sutivan

Visit nearby coastal towns

Towns of Splitska, Postira, Sutivan and Milna are waiting for you to discover and expand your holiday experience.

Experience Split for a day or night

Hit the ferry to Split (50 min ride only) for a day or night trip. Yes, the last ferry from Split to Supetar departures round midnight in the summer season and you can make an evening trip to Split for an open-air concert, or performance! If you board a ferry to Split in a morning, you have the whole day to explore the Diocletian’s town, even to join one of exciting guiding tour of Split.

Visiting Split by night

Visiting Split by night

Switch the island – visit Hvar

If you consider “to switch to another island for a day” you should visit famous town Hvar. The easiest way to get to Hvar is to get to town Milna first (by car, taxi or bus) and then board catamaran Kapetan Luka – on its route from Split to Dubrovnik, catamaran stops at several islands ports including town Milna on Brač and town Hvar on Hvar Island. It takes less than an hour drive from Brač to Hvar.

Town Hvar

Town Hvar

Beaches on Brač Island

Not just for an excellent connection to mainland (50 min ferry drive and frequent timetable- almost every hour in summer season), but numerous visitors are coming to Brač Island for its fantastic beaches all over the place. Whatever side of the island you stay for holiday, you’ll find perfect beach to spend a day relaxing or having watersport fun.

Here is a short selection of beaches on Brač Island – the beaches on the island are everywhere, in every coastal town or village, or hidden in numerous coves, often offering you a shade on a hot summer days.

Beaches in Bol

The Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat) in town Bol, the most famous beach in Croatia is 530 meters long. You can easily reach it for a day trip from mainland by ferry from Split with company Jadrolinija – you’ll get to Supetar port first where you continue to drive to another side of island, where Bol is located, by car, bus or taxi.

Moreover, if you are based somewhere on Hvar Island you can visit Golden Horn Beach fast and directly by catamaran from town Jelsa on Hvar Island.

Ferry Timetable Split- Supetar
Catamaran Timetable Jelsa –Bol

The famous Golden Horn Beach

The famous Golden Horn Beach

Martinica Beach – Bol – located just to the east of Dominican Monastery this beach is amazing place for swimming and sunbathing with an amazing view to monastery and Hvar Island.
Kotlina and Bijela Kuća beaches – to the east from center of town just below restaurant Ribarska Kućica.
Borak and Mali Rat Beaches – just a halfway along the promenade is Borak Beach and little more to the east is smaller beach Mali Rat. Some of the best hotels in Croatia, Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa and Bluesun Borak, are located just here along these beaches.
Murvica – this stunning pebbled-sandy beach is located just 6 km from Bol. Take a break from swimming and visit nearby Dragon Cave.

Beaches in Supetar

Pet Mosta Beach – is pebbled beach with numerous watersports and coffee shops.
Vela Luka Bay – is sandy and pebbled beach in Velaris Resort.
Vlačica and Banj Beach – is located just western from the port.

Vela Luka bay in town Supetar

Vela Luka bay in town Supetar

Beaches in Postira and Sutivan

Lovrečina Bay – is sandy beach near village Postira with excellent restaurant offering local fish and meat dishes.

Lovrečina Beach near town Postira

Lovrečina Beach near town Postira

Mala Lozna Beach– pebbled beach in village Postira
Livka Cove – is a lovely pebble beach not far away from town Sutivan. Surrounding vineyards and olive groves make a fantastic ambience in this quiet cove.

Naturist beaches on Brač Island

Paklina Beach –is fantastic pebbled beach at the western end of famous Golden Horn.
Mutnik Beach – is located in beautiful cove near small village Mirca (between towns of Supetar and Sutivan).
Punta Beach – rocky beach located just 15 min walk from town of Supetar on the west, just hit small pedestrian path through the pine woods after Vela Luka Bay.

Day trips from Brač Island

The local tourist agency More organize some amazing tours around Brač Island and to some other places you can visit on Dalmatian coast– famous town Dubrovnik, islands Korčula, Mljet, Biševo…and more.

Blue Cave on Biševo Island (Vis)

Blue Cave on Biševo Island (Vis)

Accommodation on Brač Island

The main towns Bol and Supetar are both offering wide variety of accommodation options, but more exclusive selection is in town Bol. All around the island you’ll find all types of accommodation for all budgets and tastes – hotels, resorts, private apartments and villas – you can choose from luxurious to affordable holiday spending.

We believe will be a great help to find you the best accommodation deals and to get the most out of your booking!

Accommodation in Bol

With you can COMPARE ALL TOP TRAVEL SITES IN ONE SEARCH (including, Expedia, Agoda,, Venera, Laterooms) and find exactly what are you looking for – EASILY and QUICKLY.

If you are still not sure what accommodation is the best choice for you, maybe our
BOL ACCOMMODATION SELECTION will encourage you to make the final decision.

Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa 4 stars
Fantastic Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa is perfectly located just a short walk along wide tree lined promenade to the beautiful town of Bol and famous Golden Horn Beach. Check out why is this hotel one of the most popular hotels in Croatia named Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice for 2016.

Bluesun Hotel Borak 3 stars
Another great hotel offering incredible island experience for your dream vacation. Bluesun Hotel Borak is hidden within a pine forest, located right by the sea on the promenade leading to Golden Horn Beach.

Bluesun Hotel Bonaca 3 stars ALL INCLUSIVE
Bluesun Hotel Bonaca is all inclusive family hotel, close to beautiful beach and short walk to town. It’s a great choice for famiiy vacation, recently named Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice for 2016.

Hotel Kaštil 3 stars
Amazing Hotel Kaštil is located within a baroque fortress which formerly belonged to the aristocratic Vusio family of Brač. Only five meters from the sea, Hotel Kaštil has 32 rooms with sea view and additional in house features – Vusio restaurant, Pizzeria Topolino and famous Cocktail bar Varadero. Don’t think twice.

Zlatni Rat Beach Hotel 3 stars
It’s perfectly located on the famous Golden Horn beach and just short walk from historical centre of Bol. Zlatni Rat Beach Hotel offers spacious suites and rooms decorated with a touch of non-pretentious elegance. Definitely worth of your consideration.

Hotel Ivan 3 stars
Hotel Ivan offers luxury apartments and rooms in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, with professional and friendly personnel, excellent facilities and great quality of service.

Moreover, you can check out these comfortable and cosy apartments for your best accommodation deal in Bol:

Villa Ana Apartments 3 stars
Villa Lara Apartments 3 stars
Apartments Belvedere 3 stars
Apartments Karla 3 stars

Accommodation in Supetar

An easy way to find  best accommodation deals in Supetar is by comparing top travel sites on and get the most out of your booking.

You can consider our SUPETAR ACCOMMODATION SELECTION as well:

Hotel Amor 4 stars
A modern hotel is a creative combination of glass, wood and stone located in Vela Luka Bay, a short walk distance from town centre. Fantastic surrounding including Mediterranean garden, tennis courts, pine tree wood, sandy and pebbled beach is just below the hotel. It’s excellent choice for your family holiday.

Hotel Bračka Perla 4 stars
The amazing Mediterranean villa made of famous Brač stone with modern interior is your luxurious accommodation in Supetar. Hotel Bračka Perla is surrounded with pine wood, olive groves, lavender and rosemary bushes. The hotel has terraces with open view over sandy bay and location is just 20 minutes easy walk to town center.

Hotel 8 4 stars
Hotel 8 is a fantastic hotel in town’s center, a combination of traditional Mediterranean and modern design you’ll definitely enjoy. The position and ambience are absolutely great, with a great view to the sea and the old town, and it’s located at the waterfront just few steps to everything you need – cafes, beaches, restaurants. The roof terrace is very popular night bar with spectacular view to the Adriatic and Split.

Villa Adriatica Hotel Supetar 3 stars
It’s a small family run hotel at great location offering accommodation in 23 modern rooms with fantastic garden with palm trees. It’s located just 100 meters away from the numerous beaches.

Villa Mia Casa 3 stars
Villa Mia Casa is a renovated ancient stone house in the historical part of Supetar, only 50 m away from Supetar waterfront, but far enough from the crowd and the noise.
The simplicity and charm of Mia Casa will definitely make it one of your favourite places to spend your holidays and everything you need is just at our hand – restaurants, shops, banks, post offices, a market, a cinema, a library, health care services and various sports facilities.

Hostel D&D
Located in the centre of Supetar with numerous cafés and restaurants within a short walking distance, Hostel D&D offers a secluded garden with a terrace ideal for relaxation in the shade of olive trees while using the property’s BBQ facilities. Free WiFi access is available throughout the property. The beach is about 100 m away.

Accommodation tip 1:  fantastic family run Hotel Lipa in village Postira near Supetar

Accommodation tip 2: NEW incredible Hotel Lemongarden in village Sutivan near Supetar

The picturesque old village Postira is your perfect choice for an easy holiday away from crowd, just 10 min drive from Supetar. We recommend you Hotel Lipa, cosy and charming small family-run hotel, located at the waterfront of Postira, offering you spacious modern suites and rooms, great restaurant and bar, all that few meters from the sea and anything you need for you comfortable stay (market, cafes, shops). In the closest surrounding of Postira is amazing sandy beach Lovrečina with excellent restaurant run by the same owners. The village Postira and hotel Lipa are perfect family holiday destination.

Where is Brač Island and how to get there

Ferries to Brač Island

Brač is the closest to Split of all Southern Dalmatian islands, located just crossways the Brač Channel, only 45 min car ferry drive from Split. The national ferry operator Jadrolinija connect Brač with the mainland daily departing from Split to Supetar or you can drive more to south catch a car ferry from town Makarska to island’s town Sumartin.

You can also get to the island by catamaran Kapetan Luka operating route from Split to Dubrovnik, stopping at Milna on Brač.

More info on getting to Brač and boarding a ferry in Split harbor read on our Travelling to Southern Dalmatian Islands pages.

Ferry to Brač

Ferry to Brač

Flying to Brač Island

Since numerous European airlines serve flights to Split in the summer, many visitors travel to Brač by plane – they fly to Split Airport first, get their transfer to harbor and then board a ferry to Supetar where local taxi drivers are awaiting for tourists and transporting them to Bol or anywhere else on the island. You can also arrange your transport from Supetar port with your hotel or private accommodation owners or agency to continue your journey on the island.

When it comes to flying, the great fact is that Brač has a small airport in Bol, mostly used by charters during the summer and Croatia Airlines who operate direct flights from Zagreb twice a week (Thursdays and Saturdays) from May till October.

Definitely, check the option of direct flight to Brač Airport  and make your journey to Brač Island faster and more comfortable.

Flying to Brač Airport

Flying to Brač Airport

Getting around the island

If travelling by your car or consider renting a car for getting around the island Brač, you’ll have numerous options for exploring the island in your own arrangement. Also, you can take a taxi in Supetar or Bol to transfer you wherever you want to discover amazing beaches, towns and villages.

Getting around the Brač Island

Getting around the Brač Island

When it comes to getting around the island by bus, the main bus operator on Brač is bus company Autotrans connecting Supetar and Bol with almost all small towns, but the routes between small towns and villages are not always direct. Check the routes and timetables on Autotrans website.

Finally, for the best discovering adventure you can consider sailing around Brač and other islands in Southern Dalmatian archipelago.


Map of Brač Island

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